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15 Cool Products To Build Your Dream Mobile Workspace

If you work on a remote team, travel frequently for business, or are often away from your desk - you'll know that mobile working has fair share of benefits and challenges.

Freedom away from the office will often offer increased productivity, higher energy levels and control over how you spend your time...but it also demands a certain level of discipline in order to be successful!

A great way to start building focus when working on the go is to invest in creating a familiar workspace you can easily bring with you wherever you go - one you can define, makes you feel comfortable and ready to do your best work in!

Sounds tough? Not really! Here are some products, as suggested by the Grouphunt EDC Community that will help you get started, organised into 5 key themes of a perfect mobile workspace:

#1 Portable Workspace Elevation:

Working with laptops for long hours without a monitor on the go can literally be a pain in our necks and equally stressful on our eyes. Look out for ergonomic laptop stands that help elevate your laptop to eye level:

Our Pick: The Apex Laptop & Smartphone Stand

Keep your mobile workspace in order with the Apex Laptop and Smartphone Stand by Sano Design Labs. Fits Macbook, or similar sized laptop perfectly, it also keeps your smartphones snapped on an upright position so you can view two screens with ease.

The Apex stand is made of lightweight aluminum alloy and non-slip silicone rubber borders - making it highly durable for daily use. It comes in silver, gold, and the legendary space grey to match any aesthetic. When folded, its about the size of an iPad mini, making it perfect for anyone looking to work anywhere and everywhere!

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Other great alternatives for workplace elevation:

For ultra portability: Roost Laptop Stand

  • All the good features of a portable laptop stand, with an impressive ability to fold down into a package of little consequence! If you don't mind not having additional supports for your tablet or smartphone, or living without an "Apple-inspired" design, the Roost is a great alternative to the Apex Stand.

For the ultra budget: Aidata Laptop Stand

  • While not exactly the smartest looking option in the market, the Aidata manages to make up with sheer affordability. Costing about S$10, this laptop stand is heavy duty, durable and works as advertised. Best of all, it folds down easily for portability, making it great for bring on the go!

#2 Planning For Power Contingency:

One of the biggest disruptions and worry when we are working on the go is the fear of running out of power. Keeping our devices (especially the laptop)'s battery levels healthy goes a long way in enjoying a productive session.

With charging outlets being few and far between in our favourite cafes (tables near outlets are the most popular, and get snapped up faster than you can say "found one!") - its important to always bring around some of these portable universal battery options where ever you go:

Our Top Pick - HyperJuice 2

If the laptop is your top priority, consider the HyperJuice! Advertised as "The World's Most Advanced Battery", the HyperJuice 2 is a stylish, silver battery pack about the size of a large paperback that will charge a range of devices including your laptop.

Manufactured by Sanho, a specialist in portable power and storage, the device has an impressive 27,000mAh capacity battery that has been tested to extend the Macbook battery life up to 26 hours and charging your iPhones up to 19 times. A serious lifesaver that fits in your bagpack!

Other great power contingency products to consider:

For your smartphones: Mophie Juice Pack - Using an iPhone or a Samsung S7? Why bring around another portable battery when you can get a stylish phone case that those the same thing? Thin and lightweight, the Mophie Juice pack gives up to 100% more battery for your device. Designed against daily wear and tear, it features a chassis with edge-to-edge protection and a built-in rubberised support points. Forward-facing speaker ports also help enhance audio quality while pass-through buttons seamlessly blend the design of the case with your iPhone.

For a Macbook Charger Upgrade: PlugBug - the Plugbug is a 2.1 Amp USB wall charger attaches to, and converts, any MacBook Power Adapter into a dual charger that works in any major country. PlugBug World lets you charge your MacBook Pro + iPad or iPhone simultaneously, from one outlet! Great for maximising that highly sought after power outlet :)

#3 Neat Gear Organisation

We all love our computers, phones and other gadgets - but certainly not the tangled mess of wires that often comes along with them (especially when you have to bring a few different types along for working outside). The good news is that it doesn't take too much money or time to get it under control. Keeping organised also goes a long way in setting the stage for a productive outing!

Our Top Pick - Knomo KNOMAD Portable Organiser

This is one of the most highly requested work organisers on Grouphunt, with little surprise. The KNOMAD is the epitome of stylish organisation for your digital and travel essentials. Fitting your tablets, smartphones, pens, credit cards, passports, etc - this is the last organiser you'll ever need to live life on the go.

The KNOMAD's build quality is also superb, made using lightly coated cotton canvas twill fabric combined with antique brass hardware and natural raw-edge leather trims. You'll be hard pressed to find another organiser that is more stylish and functional.

Other great gear organisational products to check out:

Simple upgrade for your current workbag: Cocoon GRID-IT!® Wrap - Slim. Basic. Obvious. This wrap features GRID-IT!®, the most intelligent organization tool ever, along with a neoprene sleeve that snugly holds your laptops, accessories and chargers in place. Add it to your current workbag of choice so you'll never struggle to find the stuff you need again!

Shortening your laptop charger: The PowerCurl - Hate how the stock Macbook charger looks? The PowerCurl is a prototype cord wrap for the whole family of MacBook® power adapters (Air®, Pro®, Retina®, etc). It makes it easy to unplug and pack up quickly, without having to untangle a mess the next time you set up shop. Its sleek, new look even features a silicone cover that keeps unsightly cords concealed! Good for the home office, or that co-working space you frequent :)

Tangle-free audio wires: Cable Yoyo - Imagine never having to untangle earbuds again. Cable Yoyo is an earbud cord spool with a magnetic center to keep earphones tidy and tangle-free. The spool design makes it quick and easy to wind and unwind earbuds in a matter of seconds.

#4 Developing A Focused Mindspace

A big part of why people tend get more inspired and productive on the go is because they are exposed to less distractions. Keep your mind focused and purposeful on-the-go by using a pair of sound isolating earphones that can switch the mood to whatever you need (repetitive monotonous beats to get into a groove and uplifting beats to energise yourself), and make use of a notebook to take down any distractions that come up.

Our Pick: Brainwavz Delta

Voted as Wirecutter's Top In-Ear Earphone under USD 40, the Brainwavz Delta provides you with quality sound isolation without breaking the bank. Audio performance is also sound (clear vocals and crisp instrumentals replicated to perfection), creating a sense of space that makes the music feel like a concert happening in front of you - a hallmark of high quality audio drivers!

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Other great stuff for creating your own space:

For high quality wireless sound: EARIN Wireless Earbuds

If you have a little more budget and prefer to go wireless, the EARIN wireless earbuds are the way to go. Touted as the new standard for true wireless stereo audio, the EARINs bring incredible acoustic detail and audio clarity in a small, light and polished package.

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For noting down distractions: Byline Field Notes Reporter Notebook

Suggested by Grouphunter melodeemarsh - this vertical flip notebook will up your street cred, making you look cool like those reporters who see in the movies! Take this idea and combine it with the legendary build quality of the Field Notes brand and you get a sleek, contemporary notebook that you can use for all your brain pickings. Protip: Use this to jot down distractions when you are in the zone, to get back to them later.

#5 Good-To-Have Cool Extras:

For presentations on the fly: Pico Smart Beam - A palm-sized projector that is about the size of a Rubik's Cube, but much less perplexing. Displaying high quality images and videos with ease, the Smart Beam automatically senses video signals from your connected devices and plays it. With high lumen DLP projection, lightweight aluminium case, heat sink and dramatically lowered noise, Smart Beam has been awarded the 2013 Germany iF Awards.

For building your own secure network: Lima Personal Cloud - always wanted your files go with you wherever you are? Ok, Dropbox or Google Drive does the job - but what if you are the kind who needs additional security for your files? With the Lima, you can build your own, secured personal cloud and have all your files synced wherever you go. It works without the Internet too!

This is a community generated post, made possible by amazing users like yourself. At Grouphunt, we've adopted a crowdsourcing approach to product discovery - letting our users unearth many of the cool and interesting products for the community. If you know of a product that should be in this post, post a hunt, leave a comment and we’ll be glad to review it for addition to this list.


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