5 alternative, simple Christmas gift ideas for yourself

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So it's that that season of giving again! The next couple of weeks will be punctuated with the last minute scramble for presents - stress fretting over what to buy for that friend or family member, jostling in the crowd and queues for long hours at the departmental store.

It will be daunting, even if the reward lies a good end of the year celebration, delicious food/wine and cheer.

Amidst the chaos, don't forget to take a chance to take stock on the happening of the past year and remember the one person that deserves a little something for getting you through - you!

So this year, why not get yourself a present for a change. Doesn't mean go spend a few grand to 'pamper' yourself, but maybe just a small present symbolic of your own appreciation!

With you sick of the standard faire of Christmas presents that you see year from year, we put together a couple of suggestions that offer a different way of looking at things, as opposed to the common products we see all the time.

Here goes nothing!

#1 Another way to wear your boring, everyday bag

Tathatha SWIFT "Out to Nature"


Because even you if already own many bags, it's highly unlikely that you own one with a 4 way carry utility - one that is so smartly designed at that.


Tathata is an everyday carry brand from Thailand that impresses with their craftsmanship, attention to detail and design thinking when it comes to producing bags that are hip, fashionable and high in utility.

tth tth tth tth

This year, they took their most popular SWIFT model and gave it a new spin. With "Out to Nature", Tathata collaborated with designers inspired by the beauty of nature around us to create a series that is a reminder of our . 3 intricately painted designs that showcase the spirit of the lake, mountain and beach, "Out to Nature" is a reminder of our often forgotten intimate relationship with the wild.




Join the pre-order, and be the first in Singapore to own one of these beautiful, handcrafted unisex bags! Self-collection before Christmas.

#2 Another way to keep your everyday memories permanent

Polaroid Zip Instant Printer


Instagram pro? Print anywhere with the Polaroid ZIP Instant Photo-printer. This pocket-sized device pairs wirelessly to any smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0 or NFC and uses a dedicated mobile app available for iOS or Android, allowing you to instantly edit and print 2x3” full-color photos.




"I have always wanted a portable photo printer just like an old polaroid camera. But polaroid cameras are chunky to carry around. This way, I can edit my photos on my phone and get them printed on the spot." - Lindis

Get your hands on this, and share prints on the go! Get yours now here. Few days left for this pre-order, so hurry hurry!

#3 Another classy hobby to get into

Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop

pilot pilot

In case you haven't heard already, fountain pens and calligraphy and all things analogue are making a comeback. In Singapore, there's a growing community of pen masters and ink mavens. If you're looking for a challenging hobby that involves personal concentration and the creation of beautiful typography, look no further.


The Pilot Metro is a perfect pen to get your hands into the game. An ideal starting point for fountain pen novices, the Pilot Metropolitan Retro Pop offers a brass body that’s light enough and tough enough to stand up to everyday use. It features metal trim and a metal pocket clip, and it’s fitted with a stainless steel nib. Inside the pen is a squeeze converter, though the pen is also compatible with standard cartridges and the CON-50 twist piston converter.



The Retro Pop comes in your choice of six playful colors, each one with a different design on the front of the barrel. The vibrant color selection also makes these pens a perfect Christmas gift! Go ahead and share your passion with that buddy, colleague, or cousin of yours!

Buy one here today!

#4 Another way to enjoy your favourite soup

Nessie "Loch Ness" Souple Ladle

With spoons and ladles being some of the most common/boring tools that we use everyday in the kitchen, its no wonder why hardly anyone pays any attention to it. What it someone did? It could be so much more fun.


Be it diving into your favourite soup, or standing by for stirring - a legendary time in the kitchen is guaranteed with this cute little monster! The Nessie Ladle is designed by Ototo and has feet to keep it upright in pots. Great as individual soup spoons!



Grab this cute little bugger for under S$10 here!

#5 Another way to enjoy real coffee, as opposed to the usual machine made stuff

Clever Coffee Dripper


Not saying that the usual machine made coffee from the usual Starbucks/Coffee Bean is terrible, but this little energy drink that so many of us turn to daily can be so much better, more full bodied and tasteful.


Aptly named the Clever, Abid's full-immersion dripper produces a clean, tasty cup that couldn't be any easier to use. This full immersion brewing method combines the best features of a French press with the traditional filter drip brewing method to give you the best tasting cup possible in 2 - 4 minutes. Watch how it works in the video below.

GET yourself a cuppa that you deserve here today!


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