Single's day was founded on the idea that we should pamper ourselves from time to time by gifting ourselves with the things we like. After all, we've been working hard this whole year. This is of course made better by getting those thing at a steal!

So, we'd like to start by saying:

Everyday is SINGLE's DAY at Grouphunt.

But no individual is alone when it comes to shopping for the things we want.


At Grouphunt, we group like-minded people together (like a match-making service, sans awkward blind dates) to help you get what you want at a lower price. How? Because when a large group of individuals want the same thing, we get the bargaining power to go right to the source to get you a bulk price - something you can't do alone at retail stores. Therefore, you get the best value for your money every single time.

Okay now that we've established that, let's move on to how much crazier it's going to get as we celebrate by pampering of ourselves on Singles Day! Yes, yes, now we're talking. 😆

11/11 Only Sale Items

What are they?

These items are on sale for 1 day only. Above the usual hunt price discount, we're giving an addition 10% discount! This means you get to save up to 40% - 50% off their retail price!

How to identify them:

These products all start with 11/11 follwed by the name of the product.

They also have a banner on the corner of their image that marks them as a Single's Day Special.


If you'd like to see them all in one page, just type 11/11 in the search bar, or click on the 11/11 tag banner!

$11 Hourly Special Items

What are they?

These are products that'll only be released hourly from 11am to 11pm, at every hour.

We're going a little nuts, but we're selling you these products at $11, regardless of their cost price! These items are limited in quanity and are gone once they're sold. Fastest fingers first!

They're a surprise, so check back every hour to make sure you're always informed of the latest deal!

How to identify them:

These products have a green banner at the corner of their image that marks them as an hourly special. Hourly specials will not be repeated.


They'll be featured on our main page, under the Live Hunts Section. We'll make sure they're visible!

Pre-Single's Day Facebook Live Auction


We're holding our 1st ever auction on Facebook Live! Join us on the Friday, 10th November at 10pm to 1130pm on Facebook, where we'll be starting our bids for big ticket items at more than 60% off. RSVP for it now, so you won't miss out on anything. If you're curious about what's up for the auction, check out the event page! Like it the idea? Join in, share it!


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