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4 Packable Travel Friendly Day Packs Compared


Being economical with luggage space and weight has never been more relevant with the introduction of budget airlines. So let's be honest, we're trying to reduce cost thus paying for that extra check-in luggage defeats that. Which brings us back to a very common travel conundrum. Which one bag will work for our entire trip? It's not likely that we'll have our carry on bags as our day packs, are we?

We think it boils down to type of traveller you are and the things you do on your trips. We've previously discussed the top 3 carry-on cabin friendly travel bags. This time, we're bringing you 4 community curated packable travel friendly bags for 4 different types of traveller that'll take up almost no space at all in your luggage.

1. Introspective Traveller: The Freedom Pack

Perhaps you're a pensive and reflective traveller who finds joy in taking an easy pace, strolling down the streets, going on walking tours of cities, visiting museums, farmers' markets sense the unique vibe of the city but also love spending time outdoors exploring heritage sites and nature reserves. Then you'll need an all-rounder that'll take care of the necessities leaving you the freedom to wonder as you wander.

Features we like:

Anti-theft Design

When we travel we want to live in the moment. It's every traveller's nightmare to lose our valuables to opportunists. Having the zippers hidden and flushed to our backs is one of the best ways to prevent access to our belongings. It's the reason almost all anti-theft backpacks are designed this way. There's just no way anyone can get to your stuff without going through you. And while there are many anti-theft backpacks in the market, this is the first packable one that packs into itself. Yup, there's no need to fuss about losing the an extra 'bag'.

Quick Access Pockets

Instead of fumbling around digging through the bag for our wallet, passport or mobile phones, the two hidden quick access pockets allow us to get the to the things we need without taking our bags off. Neatly positioned but hidden at the waist area, it is easily accessible to us, but not to others.

Adjustable Buckle Clip Handle

One has to wonder why aren't all bags equipped with this feature yet. There are so many times we can't help but leave our bags on the unsanitary ground because there's simply nowhere else to place it. Putting it behind our backs on the chair or on our laps is just cumbersome and while a carabiner is a great workaround, it's got a fixed width. This buckle clip on the other hand is adjustable and allows us to keep our bags off the ground.

Take a closer look at the Freedom Pack here

2. Travelling Photographer: Wanaka Packable Daypack

We all want pictures to look back on and reminisce those good ol' days. So having a good camera is pretty essential. And with the rising popularity of more affordable drones, you'd probably want to take aerial shots too. The Wanaka Packable Daypack is a modular packable daypack with a camera case that doubles up as a cooler.

Features we like:

Modular System

Each part of the bag detatches and turns into a bag of its own. So you don't have to carry what you don't need. For instance, the cover becomes a waist pouch or cross body sling - nifty for keeping your valuables with you at the airport while you store the rest of the bag in your luggage.

Inflatable Frame

This is one innovative feature clearly solves a problem that all packable bags have in common - not being able to stay upright because they're made to roll up. With the inflatable frame, the bag becomes structured, providing better overall support while staying light. Now you won't have to worry about odd-shaped things poking you in the back. Plus, inflatable pillow? 😉

Space Saving

As if being packable isn't space saving enough, this bag actually acts as a compressor to compress your clothes in your luggage. It's basically a packing cube that compresses!

Take a closer look at the Wanaka Packable Daypack here

3. Action-Packed Traveller: Matador Freerain 24


What's travelling without some thrill and adrenaline rush? The belief is to get ourselves out there and into the heart of the action to fully experience what each place has to offer. After all, if you don't try, you'll never know. The Matador Freerain is a packable 24L bag that'll cover all your bases.

Features we like:



This bag is waterproof. That isn't a claim that's easy to live up to. Most bags are made out of water resistant material that withstand splashes of water and a light drizzle. But being waterproof means it can be submerged and will keep the contents in it absolutely dry. We can already see ourselves sitting in a kayak out in the middle of Lake Taupo.

Adjustable Fit


The Freerain 24 has adjustable straps at the shoulders for stabililty. Here's an overlooked physiological fact, not everybody's shoulders are even, so having that feature ensures that the bag fits well on each side while reducing the uncomfortable 'bounce'.



It's all fun and games until...well you know. When you go on your epic trips, you won't want to be constantly watching where you place your bag on or how you're tugging it along. You want something that just works. The Freerain 24 is made of Cordura, a material known for its durability and resistance to abrasions, tears and scuffs. You know you're getting the good stuff when even militaries around the world use the same material to make products that're durable, versatile and reliable.

Take a closer look at the Freerain 24 here

4. Outdoor Enthusiast Travellers: Matador Beast28


This one's for the ones who love the outdoors and want to spend a day or two away from base camp. We're talking about setting up tents, bringing trekking poles and hydration packs serious. There's a reason why the Beast28 is always sold out worldwide.

Features we like:



As the name suggests, the Beast28 is packs 28L. That's a lot of space, which makes sense if we're headed out to camp with supplies and necessities.

Technical Features


It may be packable, but it it's got features you'll find in every technical backpack. From hydration storage with hose routing system, gear tethers, sternum & hip straps to lumbar padding. You can hardly find a feature absent in this bag.


Many packable bags come with one or two quick access compartments. But the beast has dedicated compartments for better organisation of items in your bag without being restrictive so you won't have to fumble around looking for that tiny head lamp you left in it. It even has a dedicated compartment to store its carrying case - which we think can be repurposed.

Take a closer look at the Matador Beast28 here


At the end of the day, no matter what type of traveller we are, we understand that travelling broadens our horizons.We go into each trip knowing that we'll come back with lessons learned and memories made - things that no amount of money in the world can buy us. Safe travels wherever you go folks!

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4 Packable Travel Friendly Day Packs Compared
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