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5 Golden Moments From Our 1st Facebook Live Auction

We held our 1st Facebook Live Auction last Friday, on the 10th of November to ring in the 11.11 sale, with quite a bit of positive feedback! We're glad you enjoyed it, folks. But if you've missed it, fret not. We've picked our top 5 favourite moments to share and we have another one coming right up!

1. Bidding for deals at a steal

We started the bids for each product at 70% off it's retail prices, and while the bids went absolutely nuts for some, all of them went out below retail prices. Some went even lower than our hunt prices!


The competition got so real, even by-standers felt the heat.

But even so, the Trono went out at $65 (MSRP $150), the Elodie Unicorn set of mug, bowl, lamp and diffuser went out at $160 (hunt price $207) and the Access Pack at $271 (MSRP $309). All much lower than the retail price. 👍

Although, we really don't recall putting Grouphunt's boss up on auction:

At $2? Really? 😂

2. Community support

We'll be honest about this. It's our 3rd time going live, and our 1st time hosting an auction. We were nervous about this. But having a supportive community made all the difference.

Rookie mistake, we started on mute, but after some adjustments, our amazing community were able to reassure us that we were good to go!


Some were quick to offer the product specifics, it made our jobs that much easier.

It was great having the community help each other out!

Not to mention, we were receiving all these encouraging feedback throughout. The community spirit was real, and very reassuring. We're glad we invested and believed in the power of the community, even as an online platform because nothing beats real human touch. ❤️

3. Unboxing & product run through

One aspect of hosting an auction that we could never do otherwise is unboxing the product in real time to show how it's like and what's included in the box. Seeing is believing, we understand that! It was great hearing what the community would like to know and answering them directly.


Nothing was spared. We even provided hypothetical scenarios:


4. Hilarious moments

As with all live moments, it's authentic and unfiltered so... Yeah we got caught for being potty-mouthed.


Our favourites were when the community joined in the jokes:


At some point it would seem like our community started dishing out relationship advice. We're a match making service - but we match product interest! Close enough? 😅

Hey, we don't judge.

5. Feedback & future ideas

When the auction ended, it was pretty late but the community stayed on to leave us some key feedback that we do intend to work on.


And other suggestions started rolling in:
Unbox Therapy style Facebook Live video on products? Sounds like a great idea, especially if it's something interesting we're all curious about. Send in your suggestions to us on Facebook, Instagram or even through email at hello@grouphunt.sg!

Using the Fizzics? Sure, we'll provide the machine you bring your own beer? 😉 It'd be like a really nice community gathering, chilling out and connecting. Who's in?

We're glad you thought the auction was a fun idea. We do intend to do it again because we enjoyed it too!

So you know what? We're on again for Black Friday! Where? When? What? RSVP here for all the details of our next live auction. Share it if you know someone who'd love to join in as well, and we'll see you then!


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5 Golden Moments From Our 1st Facebook Live Auction
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