Everyone's heard of at least one story passed on where light triumphs over darkness, and heroes win fights against evil with light.

Light is such an important part of life as we know it, so much so that Thomas Edison's team (yes, he had a team) tested 6000 materials just to get the right filament for an inexpensive, longer lasting bulb so light could be more accessible for everyone.

Here at Grouphunt, we're sharing 6 community curated light products that are lit.🔥

1. Sparkr

The Sparkr is a torch, lantern & plasma lighter all in one.

With 3 brightness settings & up to 150 lumens of light, it's a powerful torch to have around in case of emergencies or out at camp.

Plug in the translucent cap and it turns into a soft ambient light, great to have around to illuminate the area around you.

The plasma lighter at the end of the Sparkr is windproof so you'll have a much easier time starting a barbecue outdoors. Let there be light indeed.

More on the Sparkr here

2. Bullet 02

This tiny thing is the ultimate everyday carry for times when you need to illuminate your space to look for your key that's fallen under the car seat. It's 2.6cm in size and weighs 5g, that's about the size of a peanut.

Your friendly neighbourhood squirrel can fit 3 in its cheek pocket!

The Bullet 02 is also waterproof,

and almost indestructible.

It's a fantastic emergency torch that comes in handy in many occasions, unless you drop it under your car seat - in which case, we can't help you there buddy.😳

More information on the Bullet 02 here.

3. SOI Baglight


Ladies (and gentlemen), we spend a lot of time digging through our bags for things. Searching for our keys, our pen, that pack of mint we left in there in case of a garlicky meal. It gets pretty dark in there. That's the problem the SOI baglight aims to solve.


It's an automated in-bag light that's got a motion sensor. Once it senses our hands reaching in, it'll turn on. It also turns off automatically after a brief period of inactivity! According to the makers, batteries last about 6000 on-off cycle before needing a change.

More information on the SOI Baglight here

4. Lume


Our guess is someone had bad handground coffee in the dark, while trying to enjoy the great outdoors.


How else do you explain combining a coffee grinder with a torch?

The Lume uses a patent-pending design, that applies a stabilized conical ceramic burr to keep the coffee grinds precise and even, unlike traditional hand grinders.


As strange a combination as it sounds, it's portability means you can bring it with you anywhere you go even on camping trips - hence the light.

Great coffee is delightful to wake up to don't you think?

More information on the Lume here

5. Force Field Cloak


Here's one to fight off all the monsters under our beds. The Force Field Cloaks are blankets made with non-toxic organic glow ink that lasts up to 8 hours on one charge.


Empower kids fend for themselves against monsters, and help them (and yourselves) some restful sleep at night. The best part about this is there's no need to worry about leaving night lights on or fumbling for them in the dark.

More information on the Force Field Cloak here

6. Electric Paint Lamp Kit

We've painted aplenty as kids, some of us still do - but never with electric paint! Just imagine how the circuit board would look like.

No artistic talent necessary, just follow the guide and voila, 3 lamps in no time.

If you're particularly geeky like us, we think you'd love experimenting with this!

More information on the Electric Paint Kit here

Special Mention: Light L16 Camera


Technically, the Light L16 Camera isn't a source of light. But it made its way into the list because of how it captures light like a DSLR (or better) with it 16 lenses.


The Light L16 camera revolutionises point and shoot photography in a way that no other camera has before. With all 16 cameras taking in a shot of the scene at the same time at different angles, it provides the photographer with the ability to manipulate the shot post-shoot in many more ways than ever possible, even with a DSLR.


Sometimes pulling out a large camera, attaching the right lens means you'll miss the split-second moment to capture that shot before it passes. That's where the Light L16 camera shines (excuse the pun). Like they say, all you need, is a little bit of light.

We'll end this post with a Facebook message that lit our day so brightly, we needed shades 😎:


With such a brilliant community of grouphunters, it's impossible not to get through the day without beaming. Thank you for caring folks! 🎶 Cues Flashlight by Jessie J

Looking for more ways to light up your life? Our community's got them hunted here.


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