The last couple of weeks in Singapore has just been crazy hot, with rumours of temperatures hitting well over 40 degrees (not true - but still a far cry from the 'winter chill' we had in January).

Some days I feel like I need this:


I kid.

With all of us increasingly moving into indoor activities and seeking solace in man's great invention of the air conditioner, don't forget to keep your body hydrated by drinking regularly!

I guess we all know how important water is, but with our busy lifestyles and the lack of lightweight, uniquely designed alternatives for transporting our water, we sometimes forget to drink up.

Here at Grouphunt HQ, we are sticklers for keeping our thirst in check, and have gotten a great number of water bottle suggestions from the community.

Water portability ultimately boils down to personal preference. How the bottle looks aesthetically, the material, the taste of the water, etc - all these factors affect the entire experience. While high tech solutions (smart water bottles and apps that remind you to drink up) are sometimes a winning factor, often the simplest and most elegant solutions do the job best.

Here's our 7 Unique Water Bottles To Keep You Cool in Singapore's hot weather:

#1: Citrus Zinger


The Perfect Match Of Flavour and Function:

Nothing short of a revelation, Citrus Zinger bottles are sleeker, cooler and more functional that it's counterparts. Featuring a unique built-in filter for extracting the juice out of your citrus while keeping its seeds at bay, the Citrus Zinger is the best guilt-free solution to adding flavour to your water.


To change up the flavours, the Citrus Zinger also offers different attachments like the cucumber slicer and ginger grater. Fun fact: Ginger has more vitamin C than your average citrus fruit! The permuation and combination of fruits, vegetable and herbs (lemon + mint đŸ™Œ) we can add to our drink is limited only to our imagination. The Citrus Zinger is a winner in our books for making that that perk-me-up drink to beat that mid-day slump.

Bottle Specs:

Material: 28oz (approx. 828ml) High-quality Tritanâ„¢ MaterialMade in the USA, BPA, Halogen, EA and Phthalates free. Assembled in Taiwan.

#2: Hydro Flask

Image: Hydro Flask

The first Hydro Flask was introduced in 2009. It became so popular that over a million bottles was sold in the first 2 years. By incorporating their own Tempshield technology into the Hydro Flask, it allows the bottle to be one of the thinnest and lightest in the market. Also, the Hydro Flask will keep your ice water refreshingly ice cold up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot up to 12. Which means you’ll always have the perfect temperature drink throughout your day.


Image Credits: Snowboardmountaineer

Bottle Specs:

Material: 18/8 Pro-Grade Stainless Steel construction, BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free
Sizes: 16oz, 18oz, 32oz

#3: Mizu G7 Bottle


There's something classy about getting a glass bottle - it's the natural choice for a clean, pure taste. If you are particular with foreign tastes that come from metal bottles, consider switching to glass. It's been around long before we were, and can be recycled endlessly after we are gone - great for the environment!

The main problem with glass is the fear of breaking, especially if you lead an active lifestyle. With the Mizu G7 Bottle, you don't have to worry. The borosilicate glass body is covered with a silicone sleeve that offers increased durability. The innovative Adapter Lid screws on and off for easy cleaning and allows you to use the G7 as a bottle or as a glass, making it the most versatile and convenient glass water bottle on the market today.


Image Credits: Outdoor Aesthetics

Bottle Specs:

Material: Borosilicate glass and protective silicone sleeve
Size: 700ml

#4: Vapur


The folks at Vapur call themselves the anti-bottle. They're the first company that revolutionsed the way we carry our bottles. While the Vapurs they might look deceivingly plyable, they're made of 3 layers of ultra-durable plastic, with the inner most layer being an FDA approved polyethylene. Why the special mention? It is odour and taste resistant hence perfect for those long multi-day hikes where washing facilities aren't available (or if you simply don't have time to wash your bottles).

These bottles roll up and keeps into its carabiner. Perfect for the put-everything-in-your-pocket minimalists.

Image: Vapur Hydration

Image: Austinkeen47

Bottle Specs:

Material: FDA-approved polyethylene (1 inner layer) bonded with Nylon (2 outer layers)
Sizes: 0.4L - 1.5L

#5: Wetsleeve: The Most Convenient Wearable Hydration System


Ever felt parched while running? Holding a water bottle in your hand is not the most elegant nor comfortable solution. Not to worry! The future of wearable hydration is here. Now there’s a revolutionary new way to hydrate on the move. Wetsleeve is a lightweight, breathable soft sleeve worn on the forearm with a refillable hydration reservoir that keeps your drink cool and allows you to conveniently sip from the wrist without breaking your stride.


Material: Durable, leak proof and made of FDA-approved food grade materials, Internal 3D mesh lining
Sizes: 12 oz (350ml)

#6: Hydrapak Stash Flexible bottle

Image: Hydrapak

Sometimes a water bottle gets in the way of our everyday life. It takes up a lot of space and we have to shove it in our bag.

Hydrapak is well know for it's ultra-durable, abrasion resistant Thermoplastic Polyurethane soft bottles. Endorsed by many marathon and long distance runners, this is one water vessel that you can trust to carry your liquids.

Durable, flexible, and leak-proof, the Hydrapak Stashâ„¢ is designed to go with you. Packing down to roughly one-fifth the filled size, the Stashâ„¢ bottle's flexible design is lighter and easier to carry than hard bottles, keeping you hydrated no matter where your adventures take you.


Material: 100% BPA & PVC free Thermoplastic Polyurethane; HDPE
Sizes: 750ml or 1L

#7: Ooho Edible Water

Image Credit: Skipping Rocks Lab

Our personal favourite and not too far off in the future, Ooho edible water could change hydration forever. Created by Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez, Guillaume Couche, and Pierre Paslier of Skipping Rocks Lab in London, Ooho is an inexpensive, biodegradable "water bottle" that’s paving the way for the future of hydration.


This is no one's recommendation, but something that I'm pretty excited about! What do you think about this as a vision of how we can keep hydrated in the future? I can't wait to drink from it!

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