Since bursting onto the scene with the award-winning AER Fitpack, AER has continually pushed the boundaries on carry solutions that promote simplicity and smart utility. It's no wonder they've built up a loyal following of passionate creatives, travelers, and gear hungry enthusiasts in search for the world's most well-made, purposeful portmanteau.

So while AER bags are marketed as the perfect gym-to-work bags that transition us seamlessly from work to play, we thought it would be interesting to do a deep-dive into the other use-cases the community had come up with outside of the gym or office. After all, it could be argued that a well-made bag ought to mould to it's community's use-cases, don't ya think?

Here are our findings from the community and the greater corners of the internet: 7 use cases beyond the perfect gym-to-work bag. Enjoy!

#1. The Ultimate Light Photographer's Bag:

The AER Fit Packs come with a padded interior compartment, making it very popular amongst street photographers for a elegant way to carry their gear around during their travels. Above, The Local Adventurer uses the shoe compartment to cleverly and safely store his extra lenses.

Grouphunter and photographer Isen took his brand new AER Fitpack on a recent trip to Europe, where he was delighted at how functional the bag proved to be.

"The main padded compartment held and protected my tripod and extra lenses, while the vertical zip compartment kept my laptop and tablets. My passport was snugged in the secret quick access compartment on top and the bottom shoe compartment came in handy for separating my towels and trekking shoes." - Isen

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#2. The Throw Everything In It Bag:

One of the best features of the AER Bags is it's size. Because it's designed to last you through a full day of work and gym, it has to be spacious enough to fit in the best of both worlds.

"Work/Life Balance is 🔑 • A quick look at some of my everyday essentials. Shoutout to #aer for making it EASY to handle my business at the gym and at work!" - @capturedbyacen

Yup that's right - it even fits in a basketball.


"Gr8 people make gr8 products! Allen Choi (bag cr8tor) was swift responding to my emailed questions and one of my questions was whether or not the duffel could fit a basketball into it and he said, "No." Which was honest, but he wasn't thinking outside the bag... did that work? Anyway, "Where there's a will, there's a way." - @jpskillz

#3. The Great Outdoors:

Featuring water-resistant exterior and zipper tapes, we wanted to hear from our users how the AER performed outdoors. Looks like we got two thumbs up.

"Genuinely really like the Aer Duffle pack, it worked so well for hiking and travelling!" - @joyvcb

#4. Yup, Even Extreme Sports:

Beyond the simple hike in the jungles, trekking in the mountains - it seems like the AER Fit Pack can handle Snow skiing too!

"The Best Of Days! #ski #snow #oakley #salomon #aersf " - @beniremonger


#nextlevel - @grouphunt

5. The Urban Nomads:

With its thoughtfully crafted compartments, AER bags are designed to hold your gadgets perfectly in place so they're available for quick access whenever you need them. Easily transition and set up when exploring new cities and working on the go. From cafes to museums, city parks and gardens - never find yourself out of place!

"moving & travel smarter with @aer_sf's travel pack.. their sleek new carry-on travel backpack!" - @the.chic.diary

"The two identical vertical pockets flanking the main compartments of the Aer Duffel Pack produce for me an assortment of notebooks, pens, and drives." - carryology

#6. A Night Out

Well, not really. But we do mean dancing shoes. A bag that's all about transition naturally goes well with the dancing enthusiast - storing the additional change of clothes, dancing shoes, tapes, music players with ease:


"The really awesome thing are the strategically placed compartments, including a separate one for shoes, which I have never seen before in other bags/backpacks. Very useful for a swing dancer like me to transport stuff around. Will be using them from here on out!" - @quantumslip

7. A Cyclist's Dream:

"Already 10 minutes late for class. Sounds about right. Slinging the bag over my shoulders, I jump onto my bike. Weaving through traffic the slim profile of this pack is very noticeable. As I dodge the occasional aggressive car mirror, I appreciate how it wears down your back as opposed to bulging out into a more horizontal profile." - carryology

Aside from making for an exceptionally sleek bike commuting bag, the AER duffels will fit bike helmets easily, while cycling shoes can be stowed away in the bottom compartment.

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*Above: AER bag shipments arriving from the first run at the GROUPHUNT HQ =D*

This was a community generated post. Are there any other use cases you can think the AER Fit Packs and Duffel Packs can handle? If you are already an owner - how are you using the bag? Let us know in the comments and we'll add it to this list!


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