We wrapped up a nice little AMA session with Junee of Alt. Haven last weekend, and discovered that she's highly passionate in her craft & collection, with over 50+ pens & inks amassed in her arsenal over the years.

Here are some quick highlights of her best answers:

What's your grail pen?

I have purchased it last month at Aesthetic Bay. I guess that kind of breaks the definition of a grail pen. If I have to choose one I would really want to get a Nakaya A fox with the harvest moon. The Nakaya pen is as much as a piece of art as it is a fountain pen.

And how does it (Nayaka) write?

The Nakaya writes smoothly with a slight touch of feedback. I got it in a soft medium nib. The medium is just nice for me, any finer it would set my teeth on the edge when I write with it. The nib isn't too soft such that it bends even when I don't want it to. I have this problem with my Pilot SF nib. The Nakaya's SM nib is just the right balance for me.

How do you manage ink smudging/writing at a fast pace, being a lefty-side-writer?


I'd use a more absorbent paper like those found in certain Field Notes notebooks. If I don't want to compromise the paper I'd tilt the paper anti clockwise and turn my hand such that I'm writing it with my hand slightly hooked to reduce smudges.

Do you have specific use cases for each pen/ink or is it mainly for collection purposes?

No specific pen and ink pairs. I may avoid inking the more precious ones with Noodler's inks but the rest are fair game. I try not to have pens that are purely for collection purposes. Though I have a rule - I don't sell anything that is a gift from someone.

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