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3 Anti-Theft Bags Compared: From Minimalist to Vault-Like


Lose your wallet to a pick-pocket, and you lose more than just money. That photograph you keep close to your heart, your IC, all your bank cards, membership cards etc... They all have to be replaced. And guess who is paying for all of that? You. The trauma and trouble of the aftermath just adds to the distress. Bottomline, it's NOT worth it.

Although nobody wants to be a victim to a pickpocket, not everyone needs a super feature-packed anti-theft backpack. Here are 3 anti-theft bags from basic minimalist that does the job to vault-like feature packed safe.

1. The Low-Key Anti-Theft Bag: Presli

If there's one thing that the Presli anti-theft bag does well is that it got it's fundamentals right. An anti-theft bag is not meant as 'cure' to the problem but more of a prevention. Presli is your most basic no fuss backpack. In fact, it looks just like any other unsuspecting backpack you'd see out there - which is great since you'll blend in with the crowd. When you don't stand out, you don't get spotted to become a target.

Anti-Theft Features:

Reverse entry design

Slash Resistant

Other Features:

Water Resistant

Dedicated laptop compartment fits up to 15" laptops & some organisational compartments

Quick card access on shoulder straps

2. Commuters' favourite: Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

What can we say? This is a crowd favourite. It's been on repeated hunts and still highly requested. From the thoughtful compartmentalisation, quality material used to the sleek, minimal design, the Bobby anti-theft backpack is without a doubt versatile enough to bring you from the office to the airport.

Anti-Theft Features:

Reverse entry design

Slash resistant

Hidden quick access pockets

Other Features:

Luggage strap

Safety reflective strip

Integrated USB charging port

Padded shock resistant compartments

YKK zippers

Mesh padded back support & weight balanced ergonomic design

XD design has added the Bobby Compact & the Bobby Bizz to their anti-theft backpack colletcion. The former caters for people who smaller built while the latter is the perfect briefcase for work.

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3. The Vault: Clickpack Pro

The Clickpack Pro takes anti-thieving up another notch. Any more sercure and you might as well have a panic button that assembles your personal security team and activate a forcefield around you. (We kid...😂) The Clickpack Pro takes the Bobby's features up a notch.

Anti-theft Features:

Built-in TSA approved lock

Retractable metal wire lock

YKK double layer explosion proof zippers

Special slash resistant fabric (40% stronger than Kevlar - by measuring tensile strength-to-weight ratio)

RFID safe pockets

Hidden quick access compartments

Other Features:

Water resistant material

Rain Cover

Configureable storage organisation

Built-in safety reflectors

Dedicated laptop & tablet compartment

Integrated USB charging port

Padded shoulder straps, mesh padded back support & weight balanced ergonomic design

Special mention:

Packable Anti-Theft Edition: Freedom Pack


While most anti-theft backpacks are great for everyday carry, Travelab came up with a packable one that's made with the traveller in mind. We've all heard of stories where our friend's friend lost a wallet in a crowded train, or their phones while visiting a site of interest. Some of us might even be that friend. The Freedom Pack folds down to fit in your luggage without taking up much space at all.

Anti-Theft Features:

Reverse entry design

Hidden zippers

Hidden quick access compartments

Other Features:

Safety reflective strip

Packable into itself

Bright inner lining for easy identfication of contents

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It's always better to be safe than sorry, that why we believe in prevention. Anti-theft bags are made to deter opportunistic petty thieves who'll try their luck, not angry bozos who come at us ready to rob at knife-point (in which case, our lives are worth more than the contents in our bags).

Our community of vigilantes have curated these anti-theft products to help you keep your valuables safe. Go ahead, check them out!

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3 Anti-Theft Bags Compared: From Minimalist to Vault-Like
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