Remember when taking a good quality photo meant having no choice but to buy an expensive DSLR? After emptying your bank account, you still had to lug your DSLR frame and god knows how many lenses around to get different type of shots.


Those days are long gone. With manufacturers integrating powerful cameras into their phones, using just phone cameras to capture breath-taking photos is definitely possible! Due to its compact size and ease of use, more and more people are choosing to use forgo the point and shoot / DSLR cameras in favour of their phones.

Like they say,

The best camera is the one that you always have with you.


However, some of us might want add-ons/ accessories to boost the quality and wow-factor of our photos. Smartphones now dominate casual photography and there are THOUSANDS of gadgets in the market to pick from. How do you choose which to add to your arsenal?

If you're using your phone as your main picture-taking tool, chances are that these 3 factors will be the most important to you:

1. Does it help to take better photos?
If you can get the same shot without this accessory, do you really want to fork out the extra cash to get it?

2. Ease of setting up
Speed is of the essence. You should get an accessory that you can whip out immediately and attach to your phone. If not, chances are you will miss the shot; and you might as well just forgo the accesory and snap away with just your phone.

3. Portability
The smaller and lighter; the better. Duh.

After looking through tons of innovative (some were more form rather than function) accessories, here are our TOP 6 picks to help you take better photos!

1. Vixari Tripod


We start the list off with a tripod so awesome that it can not only be used for your phone, but also for your DSLRs and GoPros! Its name is Vixari. It is a ultra-portable and multifunctional tripod that is perfect for travel and daily usage.

It can support up to an astonishing 2 kg and can extend up to 105CM and balance on all sorts of terrains. Did we mention that it comes with a bluetooh shutter shutter as well? Say goodbye to 10 second timers and the mad dash to pose for the camera.


When broken up and placed in its case, the Vixari Tripod is small. Like really small. It will easily fit into your travel pack or EDC bag, no problemo.


Here's a video showcasing the awesome features of the Vixari Tripod! Check out the feature by Digital Camera World too! Wow!

2. Pocket Tripod PRO: A Portable Card-Sized Tripod For Your Phone

WHAT?! A tripod that fits in your wallet?! It's crazy how small everything is getting. In 2013, the creators came up with the original Pocket Tripod. After its massive success, they decided to create the PRO version to cater to even more types of phones instead of just the iPhone! This tripod is the perfect addition to your EDC collection.


Within seconds, you can set up your pocket tripod and start filming awesome videos. Envious of those cool timelapses that YouTube vloggers always have in their videos? Now you can shoot your own timelapse too!

3. DJI OSMO Mobile 2


How can we not add the Number 1 Stabaliser for phones into this list? It has a 3 axis type gimbal system that can handle the shakiest of hands. Your video footage- even if you're running or on a bike- will be buttery smooth. It definitely adds a touch of professionalism to your videos. Cool features like panorama mode and time-lapse mode will be fun to play around with too!

4. Tenikle


Named Tenikle (Tentacle) after the suction cups on it, this tripod can cling onto any surface you want it to. Twist it into any shape you desire! Look at that versatility! The suction cups are strong, stick easily, and for long periods of time. You can roll it up into a ball and bring it with you everywhere you go!

Looks like its a battle among the animal tripods. Who will emerge victorious? The gorilla? Or the octopus??? We'll let you guys decide :)


5. Olloclip

This brand needs no introduction. It has been making lenses for the iPhone since 2011. It features four advanced optic quick-change lenses (Fisheye, Wide-Angle, Macro 10x & 15x). With this configuration at your fingertips, you can snap a wide range of photographs. DSLR users will scramble to switch their lens while you calmly clip on your Olloclip. It also works for your front-facing camera! Did someone say selfie???


6. Fishball: World's First 360 Lens For IPhone

Besides the fact that it can't be eaten, this is the best Fishball out there. It is the only device of its kind that lets you capture in full 360 degrees, using your phone's powerful rear camera. It's ultra-portable and super simple to use. Best of all, it uses special optics, not electronics, so there's nothing to charge, no memory cards to buy, and no wireless pairing required. Just clip it on and shoot.

360 degree photos and videos is still a concept that is relatively new. However, no one can deny the cool factor that it offers. Want to show off to your friend? This is the perfect lens to get.

That's it for our list of mobile phone accessories to get to boost your photo-taking game. Getting the best photo for instagram is definitely important. However, do remember to take a step back once in awhile and just enjoy the moment. Feel the cool breeze on your face, the sand between your toes, and the joy of living your life to the fullest :)

What's your go-to smartphone accessory? Is there something that we missed out? Let us know!

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