If breathtaking views are your thing but just being up there and taking photographs won’t do, it’s probably time to experience the view in a different way. Here are 3 ways to start from the top, literally.


So, the decision to take the plunge (haha) to check this off our bucket list, why not make it a memorable one? Sure, New Zealand’s a fantastic place for that and there is no denying the amazing scenery there. Although, you might want to check out these other places out as well.

The Republic of Palau


Set just southeast of the Philippines, this picturesque Micronesian paradise is well know for it’s emerald forests and pristine turquoise waters where rock islands seem to sit on pedestals formed by ancient coral reefs. What better way than to take it all in from above? Keep an eye out for the skydive boogie where skydivers gather from all around the world for a skydiving party.

Victoria Falls, Zambia / Zimbabwe


Victoria Falls stretches across Zambia and Zimbabwe. So you don’t have to pick a side because regardless of which side you’re on, getting a bird’s eye view of the entire falls from the sky is a fantastic way to appreciate it.

Langkawi, Malaysia


It’s our neighbour, right next door! Living in sunny Singapore, next to Malaysia, we’ve probably been to Langkawi before but have never seen it from up above. Believe us when we say we’re surprised to know that skydiving isn’t some far off adventure and can be done right there in Langkawi. Check out the view from up above!

Hot Air Ballooning

If skydiving isn’t quite your thing and you prefer a slow cruise up in the sky we suggest taking the Hot Air Balloon. While Cappadocia, Turkey is the holy grail of Hot Air Ballooning, we’ve found other equally brilliant places with you should check out as well.

Wadi Rum, Jordan

Source - Spot the camels!

Mention the desert and the first thing that comes to mind would be camel rides and sand dune sledding. Prepared to be awed by the Mars like landscape of Wadi Rum. While camel rides and other activities are aplenty, might we suggest you take a bird’s eye view of things and look this spectacularly scenic landscape of what it’s name suggests, the Moon Valley - of sandstones and granite.

North Pole


Didn’t think it was possible, did you? Neither did we, until now. Quark Expeditions holds North Pole Voyages that include an option to take in the view of this icy desert in its full glory from up above as long as the weather permits. Now that’s not something you get to experience every day, so take a chance if you can!

Bagan, Myanmar


Closer to home, this ancient city of Myanmar is home to the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins in the world - nearly impossible to take everything in at once unless you look down from above. Here, you have the option to catch the sunrise from up above with sunrise ballooning experiences. Sounds like a heavenly experience.


Paragliding offers an adventure somewhere between the thrill of a skydive and the controlled flight of the hot air balloon ride. It’s a great way to get some action in while enjoying the sights below you. Although not yet as commonplace in the ‘bucket list scene’, this is quite possibly the closest we get to actually being able to fly.

The Julian Alps (Tolmin & Bohinj Regions), Slovenia


Open throughout the seasons - as long as the weather condition permits, this is a year round guaranteed place to paraglide from. With each season, the colours of the scenery changes ensuring that each experience is different from the last. Arguably one of the world’s most beautiful places to paraglide from, we believe it’s time to list this on your travel checklist.

Bir Billing, Himachal, India


Although India isn’t the first place that pops into mind when we think about paragliding, Bir Billing is where the first ever World Cup of paragliding in world was hosted. The fact that this amazing place was chosen in the was due to its height and climate that’s very suitable for airborne gliding sports. So definitely bookmark this destination for if you’re planning your next adventure because this is where it’s at.

Da Lat, Vietnam


Also known as the city of eternal spring, Da Lat isn’t exactly like what comes to mind when we think about Vietnam. Located on the Langbian Plateau 1500 metres above sea level, it’s sweater weather all day, everyday, in Da Lat. Dotted with french colonial villas and strawberry farms, take flight and experience a different side of Vietnam.

With these in mind, how are your travel plans taking flight? Time to check some of these off your bucket list!

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