For the second installation of our But Does It Work series, we feature the Roost Portable Laptop Stands, which we previously concluded and fulfilled with 40 digital nomad-type hunters grouping together to unlock the lowest price.

Sore necks and backs are probably the most common ailment of the modern worker these days, and the huge variety of laptop stands in the market is testament to that problem. But as with a crowded market, differentiation is key. The Roost takes the angle of being portable, good looking, and minimally functional.

But does it work?

Here's a quick how to use demo by Roost themselves.

Pretty rad eh? We polled everyone at the team, and the answer was a unanimous yes. In fact, 2 of our team members decided to get one for themselves! Here's 5 reasons why we love the Roost.


1. Amazingly Stable

The Roost is made with materials selected for their extreme strength and durability. This translates instantly the moment you rest your hands on it and start typing. The confidence that it'll support your laptop and wrist weight is a necessity given that it's supposed to relieve your strained neck, and the Roost nails this down 10/10.


2. Highly Portable

Laptops were designed to help you get work done anywhere. The one thing that laptops weren't designed to do is to be ergonomic, so portability of your laptop stand is key. The Roost collapses into a compact rod and comes with a beautiful protection case that slots nicely into your everyday carry.


3. Sets Up In Seconds, Everytime

Aside from coffee, there's many other reasons why working at cafes increases your productivity. Having the Roost setup and ready to go in seconds is a real mood booster when you're in the zone, and with a couple of satisfying height adjusting clicks, you've sent yourself the right neural signals that it's 'work mode on'.


4. Looks Fantastic

While looks aren't everything, one thing the Roost has going for it is definitely it's minimalist aesthetic. Nothing more than required, nothing less. The enthusiast in me finds this to encourage a subtle strive towards efficiency in the work that I churn out while I'm on it.


5. Devil's In The Details

Last but not least, we love that the Roost is thoughtfully designed to protect your gear. With rubberized grips and touch points, your laptop is handled gently but securely, with a non-slip advantage on any surface. The pivot grips are also rubber coated, and you'll be psyched to know that it fits any laptop (even cased ones) with a front edge height of 1.9cm or below - if not, we trust your laptop has horsepower that's sufficient for use in mars! ;)

If you're still not sold by now, take a peek behind the design of the Roost stand from James himself.

We're currently collecting interest for the next run, so join the request for the next run here to get notified once the hunt goes live. If you can't wait, we have a couple left on the marketplace.

What did you think? If you already own one, we'd love to hear your thoughts and comments as well!

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