Jingle bells, Ruldolph smells, Santa ran away... Yup, it's time for Christmas prep! We may not be located at the North Pole, but we're working as hard as Santa's elves to gather the right hunts! It's never too early because when we hunt, we go in all ready to make sure you get the whole package.

Let's start with the all important stocking stuffers. Whether it's something extra for someone you love, or your company's obligatory Christmas exchange, we've got you covered with these unique products. Someone's probably rejoicing on the inside that they're not getting strangely scented soap again. 😅

1. Spyslide

Privacy issues. Because you care. See? Instant thoughtful gift for anyone who owns a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

More on the Spyslide here.

2. Cling Nano Strips


We all have that one disorganised friend who leaves a trail of things everywhere they go. Imagine if we could just stick their things all around them. Let's make it a reality.

More on the Cling Nano Strips here.

3. StandEzy

This one's a card sized, slim and lightweight solution to satisfy all the times when we need to prop up our phones for one of life's most important moments - catching up on our drama series, hands free.

More on the StandEzy here.

4. Zorpads

If it's space age NASA tested tech, we can be pretty sure it'll work. Buy a bunch of these and give them out liberally. We're speaking from experience; once upon a time we had to remove our shoes to enter a certain Japanese restaurant... 🤢

More on the Zorpads here.

5. Popsockets


Instead of popping champagne, we can all toast to popping these in and out for convenience sake. It's really much more useful than that glass of bubbly in the long run, we think.

More on the Popsockets here.

6. Wingbrush

Did you know that gum disease could lead to heart disease? Neither did we until we googled for a fun fact. Okay, now that we've established this, let's start flossing. We're also getting some for our grandma because we care about her dentures. 👵🏼

More on the Wingbrush here.

7. Nerdwax


Not everyone is blessed with the perfectly crafted nosebridge. But if you are, why not bless someone else with the same luxury of having their glasses stay in place?

More on the Nerdwax here.


Ahh, much better. 🤓

8. Minimal 360

We honestly feel very strongly that this should be a mandatory item in every company's stationary stash and university freshman orientation funpack. Group projects, team meetings, screen sharing, you feel us right?

It's also great for tabletop game nights. It gets serious okay. We need it facing us to strategise.

More on the Minimal 360 here.

9. Mouse Pouch

Give a homeless mouse a home! This is one of those gifts that don't discriminate.

We're sure whoever gets it will find a way to put it to great use. Since it's totally meant for all other knick-knacks. That's where the Kit-Kat bar goes. Everyone deserves to take a break and have a Kit-Kat from all that hard work too.

More on the Mouse Pouch here.

10. Cucu Bank Card Stickers

If you have 593027485932 aquiantances you want to give something to, let this be it. Just get this in bulk and go, "You get one, you get one, you get one, everybody gets one!"

More on the Cucu Bank Card Stickers here.

Finally, SOAP.

Yes we know, but these aren't any old soap - you'll see.

If you really need to make a point but have no way to do it maybe it's time to go back to some good old soap with a dry sense of humour. Or if your pals are into this, it's great for laughs too. Can't take life too seriously all the time right? 😂 Okay, Whiskey River Soap Co also offer Notebook equivalents.

Here's proof that we aren't the only one who thinks so. 🤣

More on these incredulous soaps here.

Now that you've read through the list, start planning your Christmas gift list. After all, failing to plan is planning to fail. Santa hasn't failed Christmas yet so neither should we.🎅🏼


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