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The GroupHunt Experience


It's my second time ordering from GroupHunt and again I've been thoroughly impressed by how these guys handle their orders and support the enthusiast community.

Remember the old days were you used to trawl HardwareZone Forums and Carousell hoping to find what was then known as "sprees" (groups of people who wanted the same or similar product would order in bulk to either hit the shipping price minimum or save on the delivery cost)?

"Grouphunt is a platform that organises "sprees" and mass orders for products that their community suggest! All you need is to post a product you want to buy, and Grouphunt takes care of the rest! Genius!"

Order and Delivery

I paid via Paypal and made an order for the Extendable version of the KeySmart with no hiccups. Process was smooth and intuitive.

In most reviews, you'd normally see it starting with the customer receiving the product safely delivery with no hard a foul.

However in this case there was a slight hiccup - Even after getting Grouphunt's confirmation email that the KeySmart has already been shipped out a couple days ago, I still didn't get my package!

So I sent an email to their support line demanding to know where my order went, and was pleasantly surprised with how fast they responded to my issue.

GroupHunt’s co-founder Joel replied saying he would make sure to personally investigate where my order went. Here’s what he came back with:

Order Note

Turns out, I left out a crucial part of my address and as a result the KeySmart I ordered probably got lost with the postal service. Now, not only did Joel take the time to determine the fulfilment lapse, he offered to get me a new KeySmart shipped over even though in this case it was clearly due to my negligence when filing up the form.

"If that doesn’t give you the highest assurance that these guys are serious about customer service and passionate about what they do, I don’t know what will!"


A couple of weeks later, I finally received the package.


Within was the GroupHunt sticker, the KeySmart I ordered and a very thoughtful handwritten note. I’m not sure if they do this for all their orders, but I personally found it a nice touch and meaningful gesture. I pay for just the product and I get real humans behind the company helping me out.

The Product


After unravelling the neatly-packed bubble-wrap, I find within the KeySmart in a pristine condition, and nicely packaged.


Inside there were instructions, the two main parts holding the keys and extension posts/spacers. It’s a pretty straightforward thing to fix-up and they even have links to instructional videos if you’re still unsure.

What followed was me detaching my keys from my old key holder that was really old, bulky and impractical and subsequently attaching it into my new KeySmart.


The Result

And Voila, within 10 minutes or so, I managed to get the keys stacked together in the KeySmart and it’s looking pretty good.

"No more clanky keys for me! This is amazing :)"


Overall I’m really satisfied with the product but even more so, I think the team deserves massive props for negotiating with the supplier, gathering the orders and making sure that the fulfilment process goes swimmingly. They’ve made a loyal customer out of me and I’m very sure you’ll enjoy your next GroupHunt order as much as I did.

- Eugene

About the Author

Eugene Cheng (22) is the Creative Strategist at HighSpark; a local presentation design and strategy consultancy. Starting out about 3 years ago - he's since worked with countless brands like Singtel, Nike and Panasonic and more on redefining traditional presentation standards and smashing corporate paradigms of visual communication. He's also a top contributor on Slideshare with over 2 million + views garnered to date - definitely a bright spark, and one to watch out for.

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