Dads are the best! With their dad jokes, dad-bods, and the uncanny ability to be always there when you need them, at the end of the day they're the solid rock that the family leans on, and once in awhile may even offer the occasional life lesson or two.

With Father's Day round the corner (June 19), we've rounded up a few gifts suggested by the Grouphunt community that will help your dad catch up on his most favourite activities, interests, and hobbies. Yup, didn't you notice that all Dad's have hobbies too? ;)

Presenting to you our Father's Day 2016 Gift Guide For Enthusiast Dads In Singapore:

For the Audiophile Enthusiast Dad:

"If he has a penchant for music and quality sound reproduction, why not get him in started in the world of Digital Audio Players, devices that are often reminiscent of the beloved iPod, offering a combination of high fidelity sound with beautiful analog bodies."

Top Pick: Fiio X7 Digital Audio Player

The X7 is an astonishing product that is the top of the line Digital Audio Player from Fiio, a company that is hard not to like. Check Head-Fi or Facebook and you’ll find thousands of Fiio fans, who've fallen in love with Fiio's unique approach of "listening" to their customers. A device your audiophile dad will fall in love with for sure.

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Runner Ups:

Onkyo DP-X1 - Featuring an unibody anodized finish and a high quality engineered sound as a result of years of audio manufacturing experience, the Onkyo DP-X1s is a sleek device that punches way above its positioning to deliver high-resolution instrument and music streaming. Daddy won't be disappointed!

Earin Wireless Earbuds - No cords, wires or other distractions, just pure good sound. This will help your dad enjoy his music freely anywhere, anytime. The new standard for digital wireless audio.

For the Enthusiast Angler Dad:

"If your daddy loves his fishing, he probably owns most of the basic stuff (rods/reels/lures) there is to have already. If you want to surprise him, check out these great-to-have desirables that not all anglers own, but wish to have!"

Top Pick: Daiichi Seiko Line Recycler DS

The perfect all-in-one set that not only compact and portable, but also fits all fishing reel types. With its easy to use line rinser that allows for a complete rinse of the spool without mess, this tool helps him give his favourite equipment a long deserved spa day - supremely useful!

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Runner Ups:

Paxis Mt Pickett Bagpack - A quick access bag to keep essential gear within reach when out fishing. Perfect gift that will make your dad go "Why didn't i think of that?"

Original Boga Grip by EastaBoga - A tool that helps lift fish safely out of the water, while keeping dad's hands safe as well. Legendary quality makes it something every angler should own at least once in their lives! (pro tip: join the hunt in the link above to save as a group!).

For the Coffee Enthusiast Dad:

"Is your old man a caffeine connoisseur and cannot life without his daily dose of coffee? Consider these gifts to get him started in the quest for the perfect home brew."

Top Pick: Aeropress Espresso Maker & S Filter

Fast and convenient, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker makes one of the best cups of coffee you'll ever taste. This innovative uses the ideal water temperature and gentle air pressure brewing to produce coffee and espresso that has rich flavours with lower acidity and without bitterness.

The S Filter is an ultra fine steel filter for AeroPress coffee makers. It's designed to brew beautifully and never break. Kaffeologie designed the S filter themselves, and every S Filter is covered by their unconditional lifetime guarantee: you can return or exchange an S Filter you buy from them any time, for any reason.

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Runner Up:

Bodum Pavina Double Walled Glass - If your dad appreciates his coffee, he'll be sure to love the Bodum Glasses, which artfully keeps hot coffee contained and displayed within its internal chamber while making sure your hands don't get scalded.

For the Enthusiast Fitness Dad:

"Dad's still fit as a fiddle, and puts other guys to shame? Grab him some of these great companions for his workout and fitness sessions!"

Top Pick: Jaybird X2s Wireless Fitness Earphones

The Jaybird X2s are the micro-sized perfection of wireless sound - sweat proof, 8 hours battery life with superior audio performance. They'll offer your dad a secure comfort fit that's ready for anything he does, from the trail to the gym or even on the slopes. Great gift for one who is passionate about his exercise!

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Runner Ups:

AER Fit Bagpack - I'm sure your fitness dad will appreciate this sleek bagpack from AER, voted one of the best bagpacks to help you transition seamlessly from the workplace to the gym.

Mizu Outdoor/Fitness Waterbottles - A rugged waterbottle that keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. Designed by pro-snowboarders with the rugged outdoor person in mind, this is possibly the best gift to accompany your dad on his fitness/workout sessions.

For the Photography Enthusiast Dad:

"Have a dad who is a photography nut? Does he loves framing a perfect shot and knows his F-stops and shutter settings better than his ABCs? He'll probably know what gear his aiming for next, so you'd want to focus on newly launched products that can complement his workflow:"

Top Pick: Matador Camera Base Layer

Available for the first time in Singapore, the Matador Camera Base layers is a cool cat protective sleeve for your DSLRs & M43 Cameras. Built for the active photographer in mind, it protects against inevitable scrapes, bumps and elements when doing outdoor shoots. At only 68grams, this is a light addition that any photographer can appreciate.

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Runner Ups:

Matador Lens Base Layer - the smaller cousin of the Camera Base Layer that delivers the same top quality protection for your spare camera lenses. A compelling choice, especially if you are looking for a more affordable gift option.

Matador Pocket Blanket - Not made specifically for outdoor photography in mind, but certainly something outdoor photographers can appreciate. I mean, its a convenient way settle down anywhere while keeping the other photography equipment/logistics free from the dirt and grime.

For the Writing Enthusiast Dad:

"If your pops has an appreciation for the finer arts of fountain pens, calligraphy and a collectors mindset for his various writing instrument - he probably needs nothing else. In this case it's all about the symbolism, so consider picking higher end pens with unique materials and stories behind them."

Top Pick: Grouphunt x Faber-Castell Ambition (Wood Series)

The Ambition range is all about clarity, a feeling for fresh materials and vibrant colors. Featuring a clear cut angles with a superior writing performance, the pen exudes class and professional functionalism. The pen design makes an impression of the ambitions and ideals that our dads hold for their families in life, while the warm wooden (Pearwood or Coconut Wood) exterior serves as a remind of their solid, steady figures that dads are in our households.

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Runner Ups:

The Cube by Dudek Modern Goods - Mad from solid walnut and finished in a soft poly, this beautiful, compact pen holder will keep 9 of your dad's precious pens safe while looking good on his desk.

Tomoe River Paper - Legendary paper from Japan that is incredibly thin and smooth without bleed. Your dad probably knows this brand already, but would't hurt to stock up on more! Comes in white or cream colors, save 25% when you join the hunt!


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