Fathers are special. They graciously accept their ‘Dad Duties’, shoulder the responsibility to protect the family and always let their actions speak louder than his words of love. Sometimes embarrassing, oftentimes funny, whether we’re a wife, daughter or son, it's time we thank the Dads for everything that they’ve done for the family! We’ve compiled a handy list of gifts from our Marketplace for the different Enthusiast Dads as a gift guide.

The Executive Dad

The Executive Dads toil daily in the office to bring the most that they can back home. Sitting in the office chair, for hours affects their posture, causing backaches. The Betterback is able to turn every chair into an ergonomic chair, and also to help people with their posture. Our dads' backs will definitely thank us for this purchase!

We’d also recommend the Roost Laptop stand that’ll elevate the laptop to the eye-level which reduces neck and back strain - an excellent addition to his study.

The Writer Dad

Whether he’s just starting to get into fountain pens or already is a veteran in the field, the Jinhao X750 is an affordable and surprisingly well made pen that’s been raved by the writing community as a solid writing instrument without the hefty pricetag - a great addition into our dad's stationery collection.

To complement the pen, we’d suggest the Leuchtturm Notebook. Reviewed by our very own community to be fountain pen friendly and opens flat, it’s a great addition for those writing practices.

The Handy Dad

From a replacing a fused bulb, unclogging a choked sink to fixing up our bunk beds and everything in between, we know our Dads can fix anything. Here’s a handy kit that’s perfect to add to his tool box! Sure, he’d have all the larger tools, but with all the tech products we own these days, smaller, more precise tools are required for such delicate fixes.

The Gym Dad

We can always count on our dads to do the heavy lifting around the house - even if it’s lifting us. Here’s one for the Gym Dads. The AER Fit Pack is a stylish and functional backpack. With dedicated compartments for gym clothes and shoes to padded mobile office compartment that fits all the office necessities including a 15 inch laptop, this is one bag that will transit the modern gym-going Dad from the office to the gym.

The Angler Dad

We’ll never forget our first catch. Our dad’s probably responsible for it. He’s the one who taught us all we needed to know about fishing, and that has been our special bonding time ever since. For the Fisher Dads, there can never be enough variety of lures to experiment with for the perfect catch.

The Barista Dad

If coffee is serious business, we should never underestimate the power of coffee implements that’ll make a good cuppa. Ask anyone serious about their brews and they’ll tell you the Aeropress makes a great cup. Controlled yet versatile, it’s so good that it’s even become it’s own brew method with award-winning recipes, and has brewing championships conducted worldwide!

Might we also suggest getting the S filter that removes the need for paper filters or the Hario Mini Mill Grinder for the beans.

The Wine Connoisseur Dad

For the dads who love uncorking a new bottle in the kitchen, and taking the time out to enjoy a good glass of wine everyday, the best gift that you can give them would the Repour. The Repour absorbs oxygen from the air above the wine, ensuring that there is no wine degradation, and wasted wine. It really will be ultimate gift for the dad that loves wine, and rightly so because they deserve it!

If you do not mind waiting, then the Eto would be another fantastic gift for the Wine Dad as well! It is a patented wine decanter that ensures wine will be able to stay fresh for up to 12 days. Your dad will be able to enjoy is favourite wine at his own pace with the Eto.

Our Dads are our silent cheerleader, pillar of support who would give us the world if they could. And they deserve so much more than we give them credit for. So this Father’s Day, show your dad the love you feel for him, and get him something useful he’ll really appreciate!

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