June was the month of travel. As self-professed travel buffs, all of us at Grouphunt thought it’d be great to fun share what our all-time favourite travel hunts are. From our lifesavers, to our absolute must-haves and new discoveries, here they are in our own words. From one traveler to another, enjoy!

Joel's pick: Weekbender

Looks nifty, doesn't it?

Caleb's pick: Nomatic Travel Bag

Yup, organisation win.

Renhan's Pick: Qliplet

Apparently also really good for Dim Sum too, according to our community member Nicholas Lee. :D

Chuwen's Pick: Helinox Chair One

Yup, camp out win!

Jia Rui's Pick: Micro - The World's Smallest Universal Travel Adapter

Plus, it has surge protection. Travel & stay charged without the bulk - every traveler's dream.

Jane's Pick: Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

And... it keeps well too! Rest easy fellow wanderers.

What are your favourite travel essentials? Share your life-saving travel gear with us! Join in the conversation here.

P.S. We really enjoyed sharing a little about ourselves with you! We hope this gives you a glimpse into the the personalities behind the team at Grouphunt!

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