So half a year has gone by, in a twinkle of an eye! We hope 2016's turning out to be awesome for you thus far - it sure has been for us with folks like you being part of our community! We've seen a countless number of products move through the HQ and it's always such a joy and challenge packing each of them so they get safely delivered to your homes.

*Seen above, hunts from the Writing, Everyday Carry, and Outdoors Communities.*

In the first half of this year, we've also moved to our new location in Tai Seng (just 2 minutes away from the MRT) with the aim of serving you customers better with a larger and more convenient space. We're now almost running out of space again, which is a good thing!

*A common sight that welcomes our visitors is our self-collection table, this photo taken a couple of weeks ago.*

We started out the year with just 2-3 self-collections a day, and today this is what we see on the collection tables - a constant overflow! It's always fascinating engaging in conversation every customer who comes into the office, learning about each other's passions and talking about the latest products. We are very glad that you have allowed us to be part of your enthusiast journey, and one day we hope that we can become a hub where exciting conversations can take place both online and in-person! With each hunt and each order, it brings us closer to our goal of bringing enthusiast communities together and realizing community commerce.

While we're at it, we take the opportunity to relook at 6 defining products that made the first half of 2016 a memorable one for the Grouphunt Community.


Those who have been in our community from the start will know that the 4-way carry TATHATA bags are one of the mainstays for the [Everyday Carry Community]( Having crossed the 100 order mark twice is testament to the quality of their bags which have spread through word-of-mouth, run after run. What we love is that TATHATA as a brand constantly reinvents itself, having put out 6 new deigns for the SWIFT model within the year, and we're expecting to see a couple of new models come up in the coming months so stay tuned!

If you'd like to be notified of the next run for TATHATA bags you can Join The Request Here, and if you can't wait we have some additional stock listed on the Marketplace.

#2 - KAISR

The [KAISR Ultimate Inflatable Air Lounge]( made a huge splash when it first burst onto the scene, and although there was a slight delay in fulfillment (they didn't expect THAT many orders, and it does sometimes happen for crowdfunding campaigns which we make sure to state upfront), we have just received a FedEx Tracking number. So fingers crossed, we are really excited to receive and test them first hand - yes we got a couple for some down-time in the office!

If you'd like to be notified of the next run for the KAISR, Hop On The Request Here.


*📷 :*

Now on it's 3rd Run, CabinZero Carry-On Luggage Bags have been a timely introduction for the modern traveler. The capacious 44L allows you to maximize your carry-on volume while skipping the numerous baggage queues, security checks, and completely removes the possiblity of lost luggage. The 3rd Run is now live with limited quantities and colors left, so if you're planning that next weekender or backpacking trip, Join In The Hunt Here.

The CabinZero was instrumental in our year because it also led to a slew of travel related products being featured on Grouphunt, such as the Cabeau Memory Foam Evolution Pillow, The Matador FreeRain24 Portable Adventure Pack and Pocket Blanket, the Bellroy Travel Wallet, the Knomo Knomad Portable Organizers and much more. So much so, that many of you have requested for a "Travel" Category. For those of you who eagerly await that category, we've got something in store for the coming months that's top secret, but we can't wait to roll that out for you!


We'll be frank - the [S'well Bottles](, originally suggested by Grouphunter Christina Liang, were not easy to source. But with over 168 requests, we just had to find some way to get the community what they want. We've since fulfilled over 200 of these beautiful thermal-proof bottles to you good folks, and we're excited to keep doing so. So a big thanks to the community for pushing us hard on this one, and we're glad we could make it happen together!

If you'd like to be notified of the next run for S'well Bottles, Join The Request Here.


The Lamy Safari is a great entry point into the world of fountain pens, which are making a resurgance in the digital age. It's modern, sleek, portable and hardy design makes it accessible to many, and it's price point even more so. We had done 3 runs for the Lamy Safaris prior to the discovery of the Dark Lilac 2016 Edition by Grouphunter karinlye. Since that discovery we've seen the community band together behind the hunt to unlock the lowest price for the first time!


Last but not least, the first class kids travel pillow was an amazing find by Grouphunter and parent justine_chong. To be honest, we did not initially realize the usefulness of this product, but boy were we glad to be proven wrong. This seemingly simple device literally turns your kids' flight into a 1st class experience, and is responsible for intangible hours of parental peace onboard - just enough to recharge and take care of the family when it matters.

*"Used it recently for a 13 hr long flight. My kids could sleep better and had more room to spread their legs. Would not travel without it!!!" - lmalphettes*

"Recently borrowed this from a Friend for a Long flight... It is brilliant!" - taskeen

We've heard feedback from the community that it's also great for long car rides. What made us happiest though was knowing that this was community curation at its best, and the beginning of our Parenthood Community.

We've recently concluded the third run for these pillows but have some additional stock which you can purchase on our marketplace here.

And with that we conclude the first half of 2016. While we love each and every single product that is posted because we know they serve specific needs for a specific communites, these are 6 that we felt have defined our first half of 2016.

What do you think? Were there any other products that we missed out, or should have added to this community generated post? If so, let us know in the comments below, or better still start a hunt for it.

Here's wishing everyone a productive and fantastic second half of the year! We can't wait to see what new products for community will discover in the months to come, and we look forward to our year end review.

Cheers, Team Grouphunt.


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