Fun fact: In some cultures, meeting your Doppelgänger is seen as a bad omen or even a sign of impending death. 😱

There're supposedly 7 others in the world who look like each one of us. Here on Grouphunt, we might not be able to find you your Doppelgänger, but we're able to get you products that are more than just similar. Call them copies, inspired, or OEMs, these are the ones that made us do a double take and go, "Wait, don't we already have that?" Only to realise, it's not the same brand. 😅

1. Bobby Anti-theft Backpack & Albert Anti-theft Backpack


Both these backpacks are basically brothers!

Physically the Bobby is a little less round and has a very distinctive reflective strip right down it's middle, while the the Albert has a clean grey front.

The main difference between in the Albert and the Bobby is the integrated lock system that the Albert has. It gives you a peace of mind if you have to leave your bag unattended for a while.

2. HURU Backpack & The Rambler


We'll admit, we're not the first to notice the uncanny similarities between these bags.


The HURU is a Kickstarter project while The Rambler is by the brand Mission Workshop. Both backpacks have very similar compartments and expandable functions. Aesthetically, we'd go for The Rambler but for the price point, we'd go with the HURU. What say you?

3. Numistar & KIN Wallet


Both of these wallets are designed in Singapore. Both wallets sort your cash and change easily. KIN is a project by a group of local NUS industrial design students (read their story here), while the Numistar is by local leather goods company Feb29.


Again, we weren't the only one who noticed the uncanny similarity.


But regardless of who came first and who's a copy of who, they're ingenious, and they essentially addressed an age old issue many wallets still do not solve.

4. Cascade Wallet & Secrid Wallet


Both wallets dispense your cards so you won't have to stick your finger in and struggle with searching for the right one.

Mechanism wise, the Secrid features a push lever at the bottom while the Cascade has it on the side. Other than that, both offer RFID protection for your cards and space to store your cash. Very nifty! It all boils down to your preference in colour, material, price point and card dispensing mechanism.

5. Fixate & Cling Nano Strip


Both are sticky, reuseable and holds your stuff to any smooth surface available.


Fixate comes in a few variety of shapes and a transparent version while Cling just come as they are - strips.

6. GoBout & TIC Travel Bottle


Depending on how you'd prefer to dispense your soap, you'll find that either of these travel bottles solve the problem of juggling multiple soap and shampoo bottles when you go to the gym, or travel. They also save you the worry of leaky bottles in your luggage. What's more, both are carry on friendly!

For bottom dispensing, go for the TIC bottles.


For size variety and top dispensing, go for the GoBout.


7. BauBax Jacket & Sheer Jacket


They're both meant to be the 'swiss army knife' of jackets, the go-to jacket for any occasion - hence the built in eyemask and inflatable travel pillow, amongst the host of other features.

While both jackets started as a Kickstarter project, the BauBax is American while the Sheer is proudly Singaporean.

The main differences would actually be that the BauBax has a lot more designs as compared to the Sheer, but the Sheer is more technologically advanced in terms of materials used. We'll leave you to decide what you need or prefer, but we have to say, we're biased because: #supportlocal. 😆

8. Prepd Pack & Fittbo


The easiest way to ensure you're eating healthy is to prep your own lunch. If you're bringing your own lunch around, you'll know how important having a good leak proof lunch box is. Both the Prepd Pack and the Fittbo are great looking lunch boxes that look and fit the bill.

They each come with their own set of cutleries that fit neatly into the lunchbox and are BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher friendly.


The difference is that with the Fittbo, they claim to be thermo insulated. although the compartments can be separated, they only come in one configuration for now. It is possible that the creators might think about adding more options in future.

With the Prepd Pack, their containers come in several sizes so you get to pick and choose how you'd like to configure your lunch - a little like playing Tetris.


It also has an accompanying mobile app that give you healthy recipes specifically portioned to fit the lunch box.

If you're one who preps for the week in advance, we'd say go for the Prepd Pack since you can purchase multiple containers. Otherwise, the Fittbo does a pretty great job at a lower price point!

9. Gravity Blanket & Warm Embrace


In the photos, both blankets might look like any other blanket but both are weighted - specifically designed to be around 10% of your body weight.


It's said that this feels like a hug which helps to alleviate stress, anxiety and insomnia because your body releases serotonin and melatonin in the process.

While both blankets claim to do exactly the same thing, makers of the Warm Embrace made the cover an option which means it'll be comfortable on warm and cold days.


Is it time for a nap yet?

10. Suprella & Betterbrella


We're not even going to ask if you know how it feels to be caught in torrential rain. We all share the same sky here, and it's no fun being caught unprepared.


Both the Suprella and Betterbrella are designed to solve the problem traditional umbrellas pose between getting caught in the rain and getting under shelter, by closing the inverted way.

Honestly, we won't even know which is which, unless we look at the handle.

The Suprella features a hook handle which allows us to hang it while it's not in use or do the hook it around our arm so our hands are free to do other things.

Otherwise, the Betterbrella offers a much more attractive price point!

11. Koowheel & Meepo Board


Last mile commute is such a huge thing these days with the introduction of electric scooters, bike renting services and, electric skateboards.


Both the Meepo Board and Koowheels do the exact same thing and have comparable top speeds - 35km/h for the Koowheels & 36km/h for the Meepo Board. They even have the same 'low battery safety mode' where the acceleration is disabled to ensure the rider gets to cover maximum ground before it completely dies out.

Other than slight weight and milage per charge difference there isn't much that'll set these apart. We're not boarding experts here but what we do know is that the Meepo Board is offered at a better price point although we can't guarantee the same actual cruising experience. Care to chip in?

12. Secret Wood Ring & Enchanted Soul Ring


Okay, both rings claim to encapsulate a tiny world, inspired by nature, in the ring. They're also wooden rings with a smooth resin top that preserves the design beautifully.

While it is easy to say that they're exactly the same, there are slight differences.

Secret Wood Rings have designs that mainly depict gorgeous landscapes and is an established brand from Vancouver.

Enchanted Soul Rings feature parts of nature with flowers and corals and is a crowdfunded product on Kickstarter.

Unlike other Doppelgänger products, this is one where we think, the more variety, the merrier!

13. Trtl Travel Pillow & The Ultimate Travel Pillow


We're straining our eyes to find a difference between these travel pillows; we haven't found it.

Both the Trtl and the Ultimate Traveller's Pillow have the same mechanism and packs the same way, right down to the details (check out the logo). We'll let the photos do the talking.

Can you tell the difference? We can't. 😉

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