The great thing about being a community driven site is the community. While we do receive some samples and prototypes of products, and love providing reviews, we believe it's best that you hear from fellow enthusiasts because the truth is, sometimes, you folks do know best. If like all of us, you wish someone else could help you with making better choices, read on and join in the conversation!

Here are 8 reviews of highly requested products that for you, by you.

GoRuck GR1/2

We think: Whoa that was a tough hunt (kudos to the to our hunt masters). It's worth the effort since the GoRuck rucksacks are as tough as they come. Having seen and felt the actual bags, we understand why they've been kept at that price point.

OrbitKey 2.0

We think: There's no better proof than our Co-founder, Joel, getting both the gen one, then the gen two leather Orbitkeys. It's one of those things that just work.

Zungle Panther

We think: The Zungle Panther looks great and works well as sunglasses but probably needs to refine it's bone conduction speakers. Also we've noted that, it may not be the best fit for petite (fun-sized) people and those who are blessed with cute noses.

Mogics Power Bagel & Donut

We think: The Power Bagel is undisputedly, hands down the most compact travel adapter & power strip there ever was. A very worthwhile investment! Note: If you're from the US, get the donut. Everyone else, take the Bagel.

Fugu Luggage

We think: We love the packability and organisation that the Fugu Luggage brings. Although we're more inclined to take Kian Lee's advice and wait a little longer for the improved version of the Fugu Luggage, since the team mentioned 'a few more months' in their latest Kickstarter update on the 6th of August.

CabinZero Bags

We think: The CabinZero is the most bang for buck travel bag there is at it's price point. Go for it, especially if you catch it on our hunt! Also, if you're getting a 44L, we'd recommend the Military ones because it comes with sternum & hip straps which makes carrying a heavier load much better.

Air By Crazybaby

We think: Well, we win some, and we lose some. Lesson learned.

KeySmart Pro

We think: There are many key organisers in the market, yet none of them are trackable like the Keysmart Pro. Even if you've dropped it along the way home you'd be able to get it back via the built-in Tile tracker!

Thank you folks for taking the time to share your thoughts because that's the advantage of group-hunting! We learn from one another and we watch each other's back. As always, together is better.

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