We hosted our very first "Ask Me Anything" Session last Saturday and had a blast!

Maybelline, of OnFountainPens fame shed some light on her motivations behind building up her blog and the SFPL community, being left-handed and also her favourite boyband growing.

TWSBI Diamond FP

She also shared some invaluable advice for beginners looking to get better. Here are some gems we found:

#1 Deconstruct and Improve

Start by learning to form letters individually - this means to write slowly, and with no joining letters. This helps you learn what strokes are exactly required for individual alphabets.

#2 Mix Things Up

Use a variety of print and cursive strokes. Scribble, write neatly - what ever it takes to discover what makes different writing styles work.

#3 Practice, Self-critique, Repeat

It's really not easy to change handwriting - it's like ingrained in our subconsciousness, just like speaking and walking, shaped since we were kids. However a good amount of conscious effort can definitely get you anywhere. If you've ever watched My Fair Lady, where Audrey Hepburn's country girl character was trained and transformed to become a high society lady - that's a great example of how you can work on anything you're trying to improve!

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