A shared love for tabletop games, especially those with an element of sabotage (the irony), brought three friends together to create their very own card game. Founders of Red Giant Balloon (RGB), creators of District D: Spleen Battle Having just launched on Kickstarter, Clarence, Yi Herng and Jeremy tell us more about their concept, creation, and journey onto Kickstarter. Find out how they did it!

Hey guys, tell us about yourselves and about the game!

(From left to right)

Clarence, Project Lead: I graduated from the University of Wollongong with a Degree in Computer Science. I studied game design back in my polytechnic days and I am the artist behind the design of the cards and characters.

Yi Herng, Lead Advisor: I'm currently doing my Masters in a certain obscure field in Physics (actually molecular biophysics) at National University of Singapore. I'm the one who calls for all the late night supper meetings, to ensure that the project is on track.

Jeremy, Head of Public Relations: I'm assigned that role because I graduated with a Degree in Communications from the University of Buffalo. But in all honesty, it's been a rather interesting trying to relate friendship to sabotage as a bonding activity thus far. After all, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

We founded Red Giant Balloon because we love to play card games. District D: Spleen Battle is our first ever project and we are proud to present it to the community. Players get to play as hungry, toothless zombies fighting each other over a pair of Dentures that once belonged to someone's ah mah (grandma). LOL!

How did the concept of the game first come about? How did it develop over time?

There was a period of time when we gathered quite often with our secondary school mates over drinking games, card games and even gambling sessions. Every session was filled with fun, laughter and card games which evolved to include elements of sabotage, where we often targeted a single player over and over again. Deceive, deter, and devour.

After playing many different variations, we decided to create one of our own. Since we love the element of sabotage so much, we decided to create one with such an element. The game went through many iterations, starting with a darker drugs and eventually we settled on a lighter idea. A cute zombie vs zombie game - we decided more people of different ages should get to enjoy it.

Who is the game for, who should pay attention?

Like we said, District D: Spleen Battle is for everyone, anywhere and anytime! The game is simple to learn and has no complex rules after all, the only thing that is complex is the human mind.

Well said, guys.

Is District D your first foray into tabletop games and Kickstarter?

Yes. That's why the game is called District D in order to open up the possibility of sequel games in the same universe in the future! Hint, hint!

Why Kickstarter? And tell us how you’ve prepared yourselves for the launch?

Crowdfunding is becoming more well-recognised, and due to the recognition that crowdfunding has, we felt that it was a good platform to bring our project to life. Having heard that Kickstarter would open a domain in Singapore last year, we decided on using Kickstarter to begin our campaign. In order to prepare ourselves for the launch, we joined several Facebook groups relating to Kickstarter Singapore and met up with local creators to learn from each other. This proved very helpful as everyone was still pretty new to the platform.

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There were a lot of things to prepare prior to launch: Manufacturer Quotes, Marketing, Prototype, Website and of course the Kickstarter Page. We found our manufacturer and got our quotes through the magic of Google! Marketing was a completely new playing field for us, but the rest of the steps were mostly just tedious.

What’s your favourite part or feature of the game?

Definitely when someone actually manages to trick us with their own creative tactic during our casual test-play sessions. It shows us just how many perspectives people can see the same set of cards from! That never fails to amaze us. Another, is seeing one of our friends being targeted over and over again without any particular reason. That’s always hilarious - unless you're that guy. 😜

Is District D a full time thing? If not, how do you cope with running a KS project and your day jobs?

We are doing this part time. All of us have school/day jobs and we spend our time off work together working on Spleen Battle. We cope by having suppers together. Well actually, supper is the only time we have for a proper sit-down discussion so it became a common practice for us during the development phase.

We did rush into things initially and decided to cancel our first campaign since we feel that felt that the campaign was not done up to our desired standard. This time, we are coming back with lessons learnt and a much clearer action plans and we are confident with our delivery!

Anything you would like to say to potential backers and the tabletop game community in Singapore?

We promise District D: Spleen Battle will bring you all the fun and joy you would expect and we will work our very best to our scheduled delivery. Most important of all, thank you for supporting local creators.

p.s. We're supremely excited that these guys ran a prelaunch order with us! #SupportLocal
The hunt for District D: Spleen Battle is live and available for order on Grouphunt.

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