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Jackall was first established in 1999 by Seiji Kato and Toshiro Ono (now practically legends in the scene). After launching their very first product (3 inch cross-tail shads), they have since produced a whole series of lures, plugs and rods that has defined an entire generation of angling.

Jackall lures all come with the usual quality and thoughtful design that you'd come to expect from the Japanese, and has been proven time and time again in the local waters of our sunny island Singapore.

One of the crowd favourites in their catalogue is definitely the Jackall TN series of vibes, simply by offering anglers better catch rates with the ability to comb through several depths, and a supremely loud rattle and engineered underwater vibration.

At S$20.8+ a piece, this definitely is one of those lures that you wouldn't want to sangkot, or lose to a big fish that burst the line. Thankfully, I managed to grab a couple during the Grouphunt that we ran about 3 months back to get the Jackall TNs Disk Knocker series for cheaper at group prices!

Got myself 2 pieces, one 50mm (8.8g) in Brown Shiner and another 60mm (13.8g) in the Crystal Banana color. Here's a short review of my purchase!


Jackall TN Packaging
Jackall TN Packaging

Nothing to shout about here, pretty much the standard packaging you'd see for all kinds of lures out there. I do appreciate the bright yellow sticker that states important specifications like action and weight of the lure clearly though.

Design & Construction:

TN Side Body

After a quick unboxing, the first thing you will notice about the Jackall TN Disk Knocker is the lure's impeccable finishing. From the honeycomb imprints that replicate the fish scaling to the bloodied retina of the eye - the attention to detail is definitely of a different standard.

TN Top View

From the top view, you can see that the vibe has a symmetrically cut, slim profiled body that gradually flattens out near the face of the lure. This is supposed to give it a stable swimming posture, level even at the slowest retrieval speeds. Although it looks pretty much the same as the original Jackall TN, the Disk Knocker series is actually a re-engineered piece with an internal construction that is highly unique. Instead of traditional lead rattles, the designers used thin, disc-shaped weights that emit a deep knocking acoustic sound that goes "Kotokoto", urging even the most pressured fish to bite without hesitation. Get heard in your playing ground = more strikes!

TN Lip View

One of the TN's top design factors it's unique lip shape. The TN was one of the first vibes in the market designed to be weighted down on the outside of the lure near its mouth and cavity area via an innovation tungsten metal strip chiseled in the shape of fish lips.

This unique, face forward design brings several advantages over traditional vibes we see in the market, making it a stand out performer in snaggier waters.

What advantages?
  • The lure sits in a natural head down position (looks like a baitfish feeding) when resting at the bottom of the water body.

  • The weighted lip tends to meet rocks, ropes and other snags first instead of the treble hooks, so it reduces the chance of getting your lure sangkot.

  • External weighting means there's more space in the internal chamber, allowing the disks to move and knock around more internally to produce an amplified tonal presence.


With a revamped weight transfer system coupled with it natural weight, castability is seriously good with this one. You can definitely search and cover more ground.

The most popular technique in Singapore would be let it sink all the way to the bottom, and slow twitch it back. Here are some fishes caught by our users with the Jackall TNs:

"Couldn't catch anything above 2lbs last time til I gave the TN a shot, here's one from bottom slow twitching on a rainy day!" - JB"

"It balances well on the drop and has a tight vibration,works well on a lift and drop or a dead crank on the bottom" - Cheng En"

For colors choice I'm no expert, but research online says it depends on the largely on the color of the baitfish to water clarity:

When the baitfish of choice are tiny shads, yabbies or insects in clear water, try translucent patterns such as Brown Shiner, Squash Punk Line or Purple Shad.

In muddier waters that are less clear, try lures with contrast such as Crawfish, Purple Mohican, Crystal Banana, Blood Punk Line.

On a cloudy day or when fish are holding deep within the waters try HL Ayu, Crawfish, HL Oikawa.

In super dirty water you can give Zaco, Noike gill or Brown shiner a shot.


This highly rated lure is a solid, hard bodied vibe that makes quick work of whatever fish your favourite fishing hole holds. Some anglers call it an "assurance" lure as it gives them more confidence when out fishing. Can it be a game changer for you? I'll leave you to find out...

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