In recent times, the internet has been collectively obsessing over slim wallets. If you look up successful Kickstarter or Indiegogo campaigns in the past year, you will most likely find a large number of them in the mix.

Of course, isn't really surprising. Thin has always been in. A minimalist wallet that is lightweight without compromising on features is a natural head turner, making it one of the hottest accessories for both ladies (and gents).

Homegrown brand Kitsetsu entered the minimalist wallet fold with their Natsu wallet via a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, and has been on the upward curve ever since with innovative upgrades and the additions of new product models.

For this review we got our hands on latest New Natsu wallet (upgraded from its predecessor with premium materials) that was recently hunted on Grouphunt.

"Kitsetsu" means "Seasons" and "Natsu" stands for "Summer". Seems befitting of a everyday carry piece that is uplifting in terms of form and design. The Natsu wallets come packaged in an interesting design - a wide octagon square box wrapped in a paper sleeve proudly displaying Kitsetsu's minimalist logo.

Within the box you will find enclosed a welcome card, a detailed instruction manual and a woven wallet pouch in matt grey. From the packaging, the amount of care and love put in by the makers immediately became obvious.

The wallet is offered in 5 different colors (Crazy Horse, Black, Blue, Grey and Tanned) and can be purchased at S$65 retail.

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Where the new Natsu really shines is in it's craftsmanship and quality. Compared to the original Natsu, the refreshed model now sports high quality full grain leather.

So what does 'full grain' mean, you ask?

To understand this you need to know how leather is broken down into different quality tiers. The most durable bit of an animal's hide is usually located just below the hair, where natural grain patterns are most prevalent and easily identifiable.

Unlike 'top grain' leather used in conventional wallets, no sanding or further chemical treatment is done to full grain leather. This means that there is less damage to the leather pores, allowing it to resist moisture well. Over time, 'full grain' leather looks better as it forms a patina from your daily usage.

In other words, the more you use it the better it looks!

The blue leather version we got our hands on was really top notch in terms of craftsmanship. Double stitching on all edges means the threads are less likely to fray from daily use. The embossed Kitsetsu logo also serves as a nice highlight.

The wallet holds up pretty compactly in my hands. I was surprised that something this small could hold so much stuff - 4 to 6 cards comfortably along with cards and bills. It also has RFID Protection which is pretty useful in today's digital age.

All in all, the Kitsetsu Natsu is a well crafted minimalist card wallet that could truly replace that fat wallet I have been using all these years. I was initially skeptical, but was blown away by the maker's thought and effort in designing Natsu. This could be one of the nicest slim wallets I've seen in recent times.

You would do well to check it out for yourself:

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