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Effortlessly Unique Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Maybe you're too busy, maybe life got in the way, maybe you've procrastinated (not judging). Then you recall that you actually have to shop for Christmas presents. Don't worry, we've got you covered with unique gifts that'll look like you gave quite a bit of thought to.

For the jetsetting traveller:

This ultimate travel pillow, aptly named DUO The World's Best Travel Pillow


It doesn't matter what kind of sleeper they are. No matter where their heads nod, you can be sure they're covered at all angles.


It even comes with a built in hood that blocks out all light.

We rest our case. 😂

For the environmentally conscious shopper:

This pocketable convertible Notabag


Give someone a tote bag, and it might look... just like any other tote bag. But! This isn't just a bag hence Notabag (read: not-a-bag).


It packs tiny and converts into a backpack, perfect for carrying anything extra on the go. Regardless of how you commute, you can be sure it's not going to flip-flop on your side.

This is the kind of gift that doesn't discriminate. You might think it's perfect from mums and grannies to dads, bros and even kids! All you have to do is pick the right design.


For the ones afraid of the dark (or always dropping things into dark obscure corners):

An incredibly indestructible source of light at the end of the tunnel, The Bullet 2.0


There's a 90% chance that whoever that is, is also pretty clumsy (totally not saying this from experience). This small but incredibly indestructable torch is hence the perfect Everyday Carry - just look at those specs.

If running a car over the Bullet 2.0 and submerging it in water won't destroy it, neither will clumsiness. 🤞

For the phone addict:

The PhoneSoap 2.0 the disinfectant that's made of light

These people bring their phones everywhere, including the loo. So let's help them get their phones sanitised at least. This is what the PhoneSoap does in a nutshell:


It's so simple, and allows the phone to charge while it works it's magic.


The best part is, it sanitises whatever that fits in it.

Clean everything!!!

For the techie with a million cables and wires:

Tame the tangles with The Power Packer

For this entire year, that's the one person you look for every single time you need to borrow a powerbank, cables, chargers, extra memory card, spare thumbdrive, that pin to get your SIM card out etc...

All those need a things need a home so they don't get all tangled up. Plus, they look so professional. Make them a happy techie, and earn brownie points for more chances at borrowing things from them again next year.

For the ones who keep tabs on everything:

Build an entire empire on a book, complete with a friendly monster with the Tiny City Bookmark Stickies

Stickies are every students' lives. Many of us never outgrow the habit of placing tabs to help organise notes, readings and important pages.

Ace that Monday meeting and give someone a little more motivation with these Japan & New York Themed stickies.

Yup, King Kong and Godzilla included.

P.S. Up the gifting game with the Lamy Al-Star

Or these budget friendly Jinhao Fountain Pens, one of our writing community's favourite.

For those who need to chill... their drinks:

In this heat, there's only one answer - The Hyperchiller


Iced cold beverage in 1 minute flat with no dilution. Need we say more?


It works with any drink from our everyday coffee and tea to the ocassional alcoholic beverages. Undiluted Milo peng gao anyone?


Recommended pairing: These Bodum Pavina Double Wall Glass

Keep drinks warm or cold longer and avoid condensation. No coasters needed!

Still looking for more awesome last minute gifts? Check out our Marketplace for more and get them before Christmas.


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Effortlessly Unique Last Minute Christmas Gifts
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