Relax everywhere. That the promise of KAISR - an innovative, inflatable air sofa that with only two scoops of air and no pumps. Once you're done relaxing, deflate it within seconds and bring it with you to your next destination in the simple knapsack. It may sound too good to be true, but it's true alright.

Earlier this year, the Grouphunt community banded together to place a group pledge to unlock the lowest price on Indiegogo. The crowdfunding campaign took social media by storm, shaking up the Internet and our servers along with it, so it's no surprise that it ended up as the most funded Dutch crowdfunding campaign to date. For crowdfunding campaigns, Grouphunt acts as a logistics facilitator and helps to place the order on the group's behalf at a group discount! While we are not able to guarantee the final product and estimated delivery date as advertised by the creator (similar to if you were to place the pledge on your own), what we promise is to redistribute it once we have received the goods. Last week and to our delight - the KAISRs arrived.

Naturally you can imagine the excitement and buzz in the office when a whole pallet of boxes gets delivered from FedEx in the middle of the work day. It's starting to become a common occurrence at the Grouphunt HQ, but this time the packages were so large they couldn't fit past our lobby! Naturally our superb ops team soon got on it and we were stoked. So was our community, so at your request we decided we'd do a review so everyone can see what the KAISR is all about and whether it really works, or not.

First Impressions

The KAISR comes neatly packed. It was heavier than many of the OEM versions that had sprung up on the market, which instantly lends to it's quality appeal. The buckle and bottle opener had a solid feel to it, and the engraving was a nice touch. Color wise, we loved it - just as advertised.

Having seen so many videos of it in action, we knew it couldn't be that hard. After all, how hard could relaxing be? So we jumped straight into inflating it...

The Setup

This is how things actually went down.

Joel's obviously not strong or fast enough.. Let's get some help..

At this point we recalled that earlier on the label tag we had read "The first time is always the hardest."

Originally we thought that was a slogan, after all, is relaxing supposed to be that hard? Now we understood why the tag was there. By this time a couple of us in the office were sweating already! Thankfully the instruction video the KAISR team had put together was absolutely fantastic.

After watching the inflation masterclass, we felt like we had immediately become experts. Well, nearly.. Here's us taking things up a notch.


The Sit

When we finally got to relax, the KAISR was indeed extremely comfortable. It's tipped head design functions as a great way to prop your head for the perfect chilling posture, and you actually feel like you're enveloped in air. We didn't quite test it in the pool but already we felt like we were floating, though it could have also been a result of having tired ourselves out! Bet you can't beat this Friday at the office! Did you know that "Kaiser" means king in German? =D

It's quite natural that some air will squeeze out over time, and a quick check with some of our community members averages about an hour before re-inflation is needed, though on the KAISR website it states that it would remain inflated for 6 hours. Still, an hour is very decent by our books, perfect for a half-time stretch and some re-inflation!

The Details

Once you're on the KAISR, it's actually very difficult to get off. That's why we fully appreciated the thoughtful pockets, bottle opener, and securing loops!

Does It Get Any Easier?

Yes it actually does! Here you can see that we took the KAISR to the carpark where there was more space. By our 3rd time, it was really quite easy to scoop in the air.

You can also compare the difference between our 1st and 3rd attempt - bigger and more comfortable!

The KAISR can apparently support up to 250kg in weight. We tried it as a 2 seater and it worked perfectly, with plenty of spacious extra room, but didn't have the guts to try it with a 3rd person - we weren't keen on having the whole thing explode lol!

The Repack

As advertised, the KAISR does deflate in a few seconds and is very easy to repack. It fits nicely back into the knapsack and is compact and portable so you can chill anywhere, anytime. We can't wait to take our KAISRs to the park, pool, beach, or even at home - and make everyone else jealous!

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Have a FANTASTIC Weekend everyone! =)

Bonus! Weekly Behind-The-Scenes Review From Our Ops Team

As suggested by some of our community members, we're starting a new section on our weekly blog posts where we do quick behind the scene reviews on stuff that comes in each week. While we don't open your products to ensure they maintain their pristine condition, we still get to see many products that pass through our HQ each week and thought we would share some photos and quick thoughts. Let us know if you'd like to see more by commenting below.

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