You're not alone when you think you need a new bag every time you travel. There are so many bags marketed to be the BEST for travelling. But what really makes a travel bag the best?

We've seen a ton of travel bags come through and we're sharing our two-cents worth on the top 3 hunts and a few other honourable mentions.

Best Value: CabinZero Bags

This bag was made with one goal in mind - to make space. A cavity for your travel necessities. The idea with the CabinZero is to maximise space for your things. So they did away with compartments that reduce useable space. The result is the most minimal cabin-friendly travel bag to date, with only one full-length quick access pocket on the outside, two zippered pockets and a laptop compartment on the inside.

What we like:

Lightweight at 44L, it's largest capacity, it only weighs 760g (lighter than a Macbook Air). That gives us a lot of room to pack our stuff in and still be within the carry-on weight limit!

Water-resistant material so a light drizzle won't stop anyone from enjoying the cool weather. We've got to dance in the rain sometimes. After all, it's a vacation.

Clamshell Opening allows for easy and versatile packing to suit the user - with or without packing cubes.

Okoban Lifetime Tracking Tag means there's a higher chance of recovering lost luggage.

Our gripes:

Laptop compartment could have been padded & suspended

Sternum & Hip straps should not be a limited feature since it would to help distribute the weight (at least for the 44L ones) of the bag.

Pro-tip: We recommend getting the CabinZero Military Backpacks if you're going to be carrying it around for extended periods. Those come with sternum & hip straps, and air-mesh padded back that allow for better support & ventilation for a more comfortable carrying experience.

Most Organised: Nomatic Travel Bag

This travel bag was funded $1,725,336 on Kickstarter for many reasons. In fact, it made it to our staff picks travel essentials list! It packs a whole load of functional features but we're going to pick the ones that made it stand out.

What we like:

Backpack to duffle strap system - it's the least finicky one we've seen that doesn't leave dangling straps waiting to get caught in the conveyor.

Thoughtful dedicated compartments gets us organised without needing to juggle with numerous packing cubes and pouches of cables etc...

Waterproof water bottle compartment that could save us from dead electronics 😵 it's a small yet overlooked feature we love.

Our gripes:

At 1.8kg it leans on the heavy side of a carry-on friendly bag since we're only allowed 7kg.

The base isn't made of waterproof tarpaulin even though the rest of the bag is! So, setting it down on wet ground is definitely an issue.

The lack of compression straps means that no matter how little we pack, the bag will remain equally bulky.

Pro-tip: The vacuum bag is an add-on worth investing in. Even if you aren't carrying the Nomatic, we trust you'll find a ton of use for a waterproof vacuum bag. We'll let the image below speak for itself.

The Balanced: Aer Travel Pack

If the CabinZero and the Nomatic Travel Bag had a baby, it would be the Aer Travel Pack. This one has a nice balance of organisation and space with ample quick access compartments for our travel knick-knacks but not too much that it takes up usable space.

What we like:

Suspended laptop compartment is a feature that's been neglected in many bags that boast a 'laptop compartment'.

Internal framesheet provides structure and prevents contents from protruding through the bag creating awkward lumps.

Transforms into a daypack from a carry-on luggage because if we don't need the bulk, we don't want the bulk - enough said.

Our gripes:

The ventilated shoe compartment that we adore eats into the main compartment of the bag.

The zipper for the main compartment isn't water resistant when the bag's 680D ballistic nylon fabric is treated with 3 coatings of polyurethane for water resistance and the front pocket zip is weatherproof. Why? 😐

Pro-tip: If you're not using the shoe compartment for shoes, we'd recommend that you use it to separate dirty laundry from the clean ones. The air holes allow for ventilation so you won't have to worry about a stink-bomb surprise when it's time to do the laundry.

Other honourable mentions:

AER Flight Pack

The brother of the AER Travel Pack, this one's made for the business traveller. It's convertible 3 way carry will ensure you'll always fit the occasion from the moment you step out of the plane for a boardroom meeting to your commute back to the hotel after a long day. Tech friendly with a good ratio of compartments to empty space, it's a good one to have in your arsenal of cabin sized work-travel bags.

Step off the plane
Walk straight into a meeting
Trawl the streets for a good meal
Back to the hotel
See what we mean?

Boundary Prima System Backpack


If there's one thing you should know about Boundary Prima System Backpack it'd be that they're the king of modular, camera-friendly backpacks.

This is large enough for a travel carry-on but it's also small enough to be your everyday carry. Let's not forget it's YKK Stormproof zippers & it's 750 Denier Duramax Kordra exterior that repels water AND oil. 😎

It's modular pieces the Verge Case and the Fieldspace also function on their own and they don't even look out of place!

Here's our review on the bag in case you need a closer look.

Fjällräven Splitpack

This popular Swedish outdoor brand's duffle-backpack hybrid combines the convenient split compartments we have in our luggages with the agility of carrying a backpack. One unexpected bonus, the zipper to the main compartment is at your back so it's essentially anti-theft!

GoRuck GR1 &2

These military-grade rucksacks are made to last. If you own one, you won't have to replace it until it gets stolen (true story). It's internal and external MOLLE webbing allows you to customise and expand your bag as needed. Also, bombproof laptop compartment. 😱

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