How do you describe the moment when coffee hits you, wakes your senses, stirs your soul to live and a kickstarts your grey matter? We can't and words fail us - we haven't had ours yet.


It's our morning motivation and mid-day perk-me-up. Somedays, we just need our coffee. So when that run to our favourite coffee place isn't possible, here are some portable coffee makers to ensure we remain the pleasantly sane people that we are. ๐Ÿ˜‚

1. Cafflano Klassic

Use this at your own risk. It's addictive, and there's nothing quite as self-contained as the Cafflano Klassic all-in-one coffee maker in the market yet.

This is a grinder, pourover, tumbler all in one. It's even got a spout that mimics the steady pour of the goose neck kettles. Coffee with freshly ground beans. What can be better than that?

If you think the Cafflano Klassic is great, you might want to check out the Cafflano Kompact and Cafflano Kompresso.

2. Oomph

Like the name suggests, Oomph is a pressure brewer. It's got a built-in filter and believe it, it's your insulated tumbler as well.


Self-contained, the way we like it. So fill it up with your favourite grind, add some hot water (or cold), press and take it on the go.

3. Leverpresso

This tiny thing gives you 2 espresso shots in a single press! It claims to be more efficient than other portable espresso maker because the levers let you create pressure thatโ€™s high (9 bars) and consistent with ease.

Load it up with any ground coffee of your choice, pack it in your bag and go. Just add hot water into your Leverpresso when you need your shot. Since it's a double, you can even share it with a friend. Drinking coffee is after all a social activity.

4. Staresso

Here's a fun one! Just like the Leverpresso above, the Staresso makes you your espresso. With 15 to 20 bars of pressure, could this give us better extraction?


In addition to that, the Staresso also has the ability to foam your milk, which effectively opens a whole new world of possiblities. The best part is, it's also self-contained so there's no need for you to go fumbling around for other equipment. Just load and go.

5. Wacaco Minipresso

If you're on the go for a longer period of time, or have to pack really light, the Wacaco Minipresso is definitely the one. It's the smallest we've seen, packs really compact and only weighs 360g. That's about the weight of an iPad Mini.


With this, you're not relying fully on your strength. It's got a semi-automatic piston that'll help you with your extraction. If you're too busy to grind your own beans, the Wacaco Minipresso also comes in a version (the Minipresso NS) that's compatible with the Nespresso Capsules. It's essentially a downsized, manually operated portable Nespresso Machine.

6. Handpresso


Hand-pumped Espresso. It doesn't get simpler than this. Load, pump, pour and out comes a fine shot of espresso topped with perfect crema. This is the most fuss free espresso maker by far.

7. Aeropress

When the Aeropress was first introduced, it disrupted the the coffee making / home brewing world. It created its own brew that's neither an espresso, a pourover, nor a drip.


The way it extracted flavours is quite unique. In fact, it now has its own international Aeropress brewing competition, and many techniques of extraction. It's also paved the way for many other similar products and accessories, but there's just nothing that's quite the same as the good old Aeropress. It was the original portable coffee maker.

If you've got the Aeropress, you might want to check out the reusable S Filter or the Prismo that gives your Aeropress super powers.

8. Waycap EZ

This isn't exactly a portable coffee maker. Although, just think about it. There's hardly a pantry at any office without a Nespresso machine now.

These refillable & reusable capsules fit in the regular Nespresso machine so you don't have to limit yourself to the flavours available. Go wild with your own beans. Load your capsules and bring it with you.

If all else fails...


Head to the nearest coffee shop, da bao a Kopi and drop it into your Kopi Mug, specially designed for times like these. (We also think it's great for dunking your cream crackers into Milo, yes, it's wide enough - finally a mug that satisfies our Singaporean needs.)

We wonder, would any of these change the way you have your coffee? Discover all the newest coffee products our coffee community's got curated for you.

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