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8 Reasons Grouphunt Is Not Your Average E-Commerce Site

"Together is always better." Perhaps you've heard us mention this before. But we can't over emphasize how essential our community is to us, and how we're using it to change traditional e-commerce. Why is community such an important aspect at Grouphunt?

1. Curation By Enthusiasts

Grouphunt wouldn't exist without our community of enthusiasts who passionately curate great products.

We're always asked, "How do you find all these products?"
To which we answer, "It's not us, it's you."

At Grouphunt, we surface the best new phyiscal products every week - something no one can do alone. Being enthusiasts of a particular field means you naturally know what other like-minded people will like as well. So who better to suggest the products than you?


2. Strength In Numbers

And then there's the thing about leveraging on strength in numbers to empower every individual with greater value for their products.


It gets even better when we have overwhelming interest to a product and can negotiate for a group price exclusively for Grouphunters.


No surprises or additional taxes at check out. We had over 100 interests on our 1st Goruck hunt. Power of the community, right there. 😉

3. A Specialist's Help Is Just Around The Corner

There's always a chance that an authority in the field or at least, someone who's more experienced with the product is part of the community. All you have to do is just ask, and you'll find answers that frankly, sometimes even the manufacturers can't answer.


4. Reviews, Reviews, Reviews.

In a world where there are so many alternatives to the same product type, it's definitely best if we do our due diligence to find out more before we make a purchase. For us to want to know which product variant best suit our needs, we turn to reviews. The best part about having a community is having a pool of honest reviews by people just like you so you know that's the real deal.


Read them all in full resolution here.

5. Safety In Numbers

As the number of eyes & ears increase with each hunt, we get more people watching out for us, and having our back. With so many of us, if something's suspicious, someone's sure to sniff it out. That's why the larger our community grows, the safer it is for everyone.



With that said, our defacto is still to always do your due diligence. Double check with the original source before believing everything you read on the internet. We make that easy too, by linking products to their original sources.

6. It Becomes Personal

Users? Grouphunters? Friends? Family. There's no way to put this into words. When you have a community of people who genuinely want things to succeed, chances are, it will only be a better place for everyone, and we'll be able to provide more in return. We'll just let these speak for us:



The way you send us personal messages to offer your help amazes us.


And sometimes, the community offers a lesson in math too. It's more authentic to verify this way, isn't it?


Others are just bursting with love and the need to share.

7. Becoming A Collaborative Ecosystem

With every little action our community makes- giving feedback, clarifying doubts and recommending hunts, we become a more trusted platform to creators and manufacturers as well. This means establishing a platform where direct channels of communications between consumers and producers will eventually commonplace, providing tons of insider insight and direct access to brand creators.


8. Opportunities For Collaboration


Every individual's valuable input helps capture unspoken, influential rules and norms of the community. Having access to the knowledge and trend of an entire community or communities gives individuals and companies much more insight on the trends of the space. That's why communities attract collaborative partnerships. That's great because it in turn presents the community with more opportunities.


For instance, thanks to the crowdfunding enthusiasts community (you did it, folks), Grouphunt has now teamed up with Vulcan Post as their official crowdfunding partner. This means more opportunities for the community (both backers & creators) to get involved.

If you're in this space and want to get involved or know someone we should be collaborating with, we're all ears and open to collaborations. Write in to us at hello@grouphunt.sg

We're also on the lookout for enthusiasts to join us as Grouphunt Ambassadors. Get special perks, exclusive event invites and be at the forefront of shaping Grouphunt's communities. If you think you fit the bill, click here to join in.

So, the next time you wonder why we're so keen to build a community within an online shopping platform where all you face is the computer screen and a virtual shopping cart, know that there's much more to that; it's not just plain old e-commerce, it's community commerce.


Grouphunt is Singapore's No. 1 crowdsourced product discovery and group buying site. Users suggest products they care about, votes and discusses collectively as a community on which products they want to buy together and save on.

8 Reasons Grouphunt Is Not Your Average E-Commerce Site
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