You know a product is hot when the postman arrives at the office with a huge package and everyone suddenly stops work to crowd around it and starts snapping up stock before the products can even be listed for sale. With a 100 requests, and then backed up with 105 orders on Grouphunt - there's just no stopping of the Frenchie Wallet. Here's our hands on review.

First Impressions

After the superb video introduction and waiting for the hunt to be fulfilled, I couldn't wait to check the product out for myself. The packaging was instantly impressive. It was conventional with a surprising twist, which made me feel I was in for a treat. The leather also smelt amazing from the get-go. I was one excited Grouphunter alright!

Clever Compartments

Billed as the world's 1st speed wallet, the Frenchie is a cleverly designed wallet that has access as it's number 1 priority. This is characterized through cleverly designed compartments, providing quick cash and cards access without having to fully open the wallet.

It works great with local currency, but also has the latitude to fit many other currencies which is great, because I think it makes for a great travel wallet given it's more casual style.

The Frenchie holds your cash in place through a magnetic flap. And not to worry, it's 3 card slots are thoughtfully arranged such that one compartment is not RFID protected for access cards, another is protected against magnetic forces, and the last is a multi-purpose compartment. Perfect!

Touch And Feel

As advertised, the calfskin leather was beautiful, natural, and soft to the touch. Coupled with the magnetic snap closure, the Frenchie Speed Wallet seals my cash and cards in one neat package. This makes it a real pleasure to carry, and it fits confidently in my hands, jeans, or shirt pocket.

A Quality Twist

But what I really like about the Frenchie is the dedication to quality. Hidden beneath the cash slot, tucked away from everyone's line of vision, is an embossed logo of the Frenchie bulldog, sporting the words "Proudly Made In Columbia". It reminds me of how the very best carpenters care about the backboard finishing that no one sees (yes, Steve Jobs fans unite)!

I can't yet conclude if the wallet stands the test of time and wear, given that the Frenchie Wallets just came in (and yes they're on their way to our community as you're reading this). But we do know a couple of members who joined our 1st run have been using them for over 5 months now and they're very happy with them.

Concluding Thoughts

Overall, I really like the clever and practical design of the Frenchie. It's a delight to use when I'm slipping out bills to pay for that morning latte, or for accessing my current card for quick paywave transactions. For it's price point (especially through Grouphunt), the quality is outstanding. It's a great looking smart-casual wallet which easily works when I transition from work to the bar, though it might be a tad too casual to take to the ball. I'd probably find most use for it on days when I'm traveling light, weekends, and holidays. My take is that the Frenchie Wallet comes highly recommended!

Kicking yourself because you missed out on this hunt of the Frenchie? Not to worry - we've got you covered! Request for the next hunt here, or snap up the last few pieces on the marketplace here.

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Have a FANTASTIC Weekend everyone! =)


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