Notes :
I have gotten this ink as part of my order from Japan a few months ago. Sailor's Four Seasons line of inks was introduced roughly a while after they discontinued their old Jentle line. In this line , I find many of the colours available pleasing and although some colours from the old line are not available in this new lineup , the inks currently offered are just as spectacular as the old ones.

Tokiwa Matsu (常盤松) - Introduced as a successor of Epinard , it is a lovely dark yellow-green which shades from a light green to a dark , muted green. A beautiful red sheen can be easily teased out by using good quality papers.

Student's Perspective :

With regards to this ink , it might not be a viable choice for daily note-taking and related activities as the price point for the ink might be a little steep for most (students). In addition , using the ink in a wet pen on school copier paper (if your school uses PaperOne) , may render the opposite page unusable. Colourwise , it is definitely safe for corrections and maybe homework (I have safely done work in this colour before!) . This ink has moderate water resistance , in the event of a watery mishap in school.

For my own experience using this ink in school, I have used it for my notes on some occasions. Despite being a left hander , I have never smudged this ink while using it. As mentioned above , the ink has also been approved as correction ink by my teacher(s). I'd suggest using maruman/kokuyo loose leaf paper for the best results , although it might be a tad more expensive as compared to standard foolscap paper you get in your school supplies.
Maruman Plain Loose leaf
PaperOne 70gsm Copier Paper , front 70gsm Copier Paper , back
Tomoe River Loose Leaf in cream

Pros :

  • Beautiful shade of green
  • Sheens like mad on good paper
  • Moderate dry time
  • Easy to clean

Cons :

  • Squat bottle , hard to fill pens like eg. MB149 , Sailor KOP

Alternative Inks:
Sailor Jentle Four Seasons Tokiwa-Matsu
<smallDe Atramentis Bamboo Green
Rohrer & Klingner ALt-Goldgrun
Diamine Kelly Green
Platinum Mix Free Leaf Green

Other mentionable inks :

  • Montblanc Irish Green
  • Diamine Umber
  • Rohrer & Klingner Verigris
  • Private Reserve Avocado

Conclusion :
Tokiwa-Matsu is a fantastic and well-behaved ink , only bleeding through copier paper with a wet nib. With beautiful shading and sheen to boot , what is there not to like?

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