Grouphunt was founded from the need to get the things we want (need, really) by giving the purchasing power back to us - the consumers.

It's been such an amazing journey growing with you unbelievably incredible folks who've been so supportive throughout the journey. As a team, we felt we wanted a way for the community to show appreciation of that love. So we've starting rewarding good folks with 'Karma Points', except these points actually translate into cold, hard, spending cash! Read on to find out what they are and how to get them.

What?! How can I earn Karma Points on Grouphunt?

There are 4 broad ways to earn credits on Grouphunt:

1. Refer a friend

We mean it when we say that buying together is better. When you refer a friend via your personal link, they get $5 in spending credits. Once they've made their first purchase, you get $5 in spending credits too! 😎

P.S. It’s more effective to send specific hunts you think your friends will be interested in since there’s a higher chance they’ll buy it which converts to you receiving your $5 ;)

2. Helping the community out

It's along these lines of thought where our concept of karma points was born. It's our goal to build an inclusive, enthusiastic community that's respectful yet insightful. Here are some of the ways you can get involved, and when you've been spotted as a regular contributor, our elves may just send some karma along your way!

  • Sharing your personal experiences, thoughts or reviews on a product on a hunt.

  • Leaving a constructive reply to a question a fellow Grouphunter might have on our site or on social media.

  • Volunteering to help out with a community event or better yet, organising one for us!
    (Have an expertise you’d like to share? Let us know!)

  • Help to start a community on Grouphunt OR link us up with your community!

Please note that we don't give out karma points for every single action. It's to our teams' and ambassadors' discretion and the whole goal is to encourage a giving spirit rather than one that only contributes because there's something to be earned from it!

3. Tagging us on social media

  • We’ve got a monthly Instagram and Facebook Lucky Draw where you get to earn $10 worth in spending credits on Grouphunt. All you have to do is tag us @grouphuntsg in your post on showing us how you’re enjoying your Grouphunted items!

  • Additionally, we occasionally reward some special folks who share and tag us @grouphuntsg on the interwebs.

4. Contributing to Grouphunt

  • Alerting us to a significant issue that we haven’t taken notice of.

  • Provide us with a constructive feedback that leads to the improvement of Grouphunt’s processes

  • Contributing to content building on Grouphunt i.e. an article for Grouphunt’s Blog or Video for our YouTube Channel / Instagram / Facebook

Ok that's cool. How do I check the amount of credits I have?

Log in to your account on Grouphunt

Select your profile, and click on Earn Credits!

Look it should show right there

Awesome. How do I use my credits?

It’s automagically deducted when you check out with your next purchase! It’ll show in your order summary.

That's it folks! We hope this explains the Grouphunt Credit System to you! It's new and we'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve on it. Talk to us in the comments below or email us at

We look forward to community building with you!

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