There was a time when Singaporeans were known to be Kiasu and Kiasi - the former meaning fear of losing out and the latter, afraid of taking risks. Crowdfunding to bring ideas into reality takes just that. Being Kiasu enough to have the grit to succeed and Kiasi enough to take calculated risks.

Perhaps it was armed with these alleged 'Singaporean characteristics' (and a heaping spoonful of innovation) that these top 17 local crowdfunding project creators successfully brought our tiny little red dot to the world stage, raising a total of S$1,213,459 through their projects. Yup, that's over a million dollars!

We cut through the clutter and put together a summarised list of the top 17 crowdfunded campaigns from Singapore, below.

P.S.: Before you scroll to the bottom, can you guess the #1 most backed and highest percentage funded project in Singapore?

#17. The Perfect Sketchbook - 107% Funded: S$53,850 of intended S$50,000

Made for artists by an artist, The Perfect Sketchbook is made for the artist on-the-go. Made of 100% cotton paper, it holds up to watercolour wonderfully. Opens flat so it is both right and left-hander friendly, and comes with a value chart to hold the subject against so as to properly assess values.

Number of backers: 881

Fun-fact: A larger B5 version of The Perfect Notebook, requested by the community was crowdfunded on Indiegogo and outdid the first one, with 955 backers, 270% Funded, getting USD$54,060 (S$73,569) of intended USD$20,000 (S$27,217). Beyond that, the 2017 version that’s sold on it’s site has sold out it’s limited 900 books!

From the creator: “I started the sketchbook base of my own intense experiences of traveling and sketching around the world. If given a chance I would offer them in various landscape format and sizes that people have requested them to be in.”

The Perfect Sketchbook

#16. Kydra Flex Shorts - 108% Funded: USD$10,820 (S$14,697) of intended USD$10,000

The Kydra Flex sports shorts integrates your everyday shorts with your sports shorts. With built in compression tights, it is anti-piling, breathable, sweat-wicking, anti-abrasion and anti-bacteria. Made with the urban athlete in mind, it's water resistant media pocket will keep your phone safe from drizzles while the hidden card and key pocket ensures your valuables are safe.

Number of Backers: 118

Fun fact: Though intended as functional sportswear for men, the Kydra Flex shorts had gathered some female fans.

Creators say: "Yes we are expecting to release a female version/line in a couple of months towards the end of the year!"

Grouphunt the Kydra Flex Shorts!

Kydra Flex Shorts's Campaign

#15. Cori Modular Travel Pillow- 116% Funded: S$41,908 of intended S$36,000

The Cori Modular Travel Pillow was created with the understanding that everyone's sleeping style is different, and can be modified to fit the way you rest specifically. With the Cori pillow, the creators hope that uncomfortable commutes will be a thing of the past!

From the creators: "While this may be our first Kickstarter project, fulfilling delivery schedules has been an essential part of our day-to-day work for years! The Cori Traveller Team has decades of experience in manufacturing and production, meaning we have established a network of trustworthy partners that are capable of meeting tight deadlines! We are very hands-on with our work and close to our manufacturing partners which mean we can keep a tight control over our timeline, quality, & standards that represent the CORI TRAVELLER brand. We look forward to expanding our line of products and launching more smart travel solutions for travel enthusiasts around the world."

Grouphunt the Cori Pillow!

Cori Pillow's Campaign

#14. GENA- 163% Funded: S$32,725 of intended S$20,000

(Information is accurate at time of writing, campaign is still ongoing)

GENA heels were made for the woman on the go, they let you switch from a comfortable low heel, to a more stylish and sleek height, taking you effortlessly from day to night. Made with soft but durable Napa leather, they offer comfort while the effortless and classy designs fit a whole variety of different occasions and styles.

From the creators: "Unfortunately, there will not be a stretch goal as testing of mechanism and quality control are run purely just myself (Cherre) and Darren - We are focusing on the current colours at the moment. However, we are hoping to bring in our Christmas collection for our backers in late November."

Christmas can't arrive fast enough.

Grouphunt the GENA heels!

GENA's Campaign

#13. EGGY- 171% Funded: S$17,025 of intended S$10,000

(Information is accurate at time of writing, campaign is still ongoing)

EGGY is a range of egg-shaped collectible toy that never falls over. It embodies the Japanese philosophy of “Okiagari” which means to get up and arise. A perfect reminder for all the times things get tough and life knocks us over.

From the creators: "We will definitely limit the quantity of each particular design and it will vary, creating resell value for them. We are still in the midst of sourcing for more international distributor. Each design will be limited to 1-2k pieces as of now. Limited edition Duck will only be available for our campaign duration. Apart from limiting quantities, we are encouraging budding artist to get the D.I.Y edition."

Watch out for the Eggy X Grouphunt limited edition collectible that we'll be unveiling at our 2nd crowdfunding meet. Sign up for it here.

Grouphunt the EGGY!

EGGY's Campaign

#12. GIY Stick- 179% Funded: S$35,807 of intended S$20,000

This Singaporean father and son team turned a simple science concept (capillary action) into a solution for every urban dweller, eliminating the problem of over or under watering plants.

Number of Backers: 873

Fun-fact: They entire GIY stick is manufactured in Singapore by a small family-run factory!

From the creators: "We're currently testing out two working prototypes for a stackable and a window-hanging hydroponics system that can be used in every modern home with little kitchen space. We will be launching it on Kickstarter in future."

Yes to a more self-sustainable and greener Singapore!

Grouphunt the GIY Stick!

GIY Stick's Campaign

#11. Sheer Travel Jacket - 241% Funded: $120,563 of $50,000 goal

A minimalist 18-in-1 travel jacket that's water resistant, anti-odour and heat regulating. With integrated functions like a bottle opener zip, travel pillow and eye-mask stowed away in the hood. The jacket even conveniently folds into it's own back pocket.

Number of Backers: 734

Fun Fact: Modest Mark was founded with the minimalist principle of carrying “one thing less”.

Grouphunt the Sheer Jacket!

Sheer Jacket's Campaign

#10. Everyday Watch - 317% Funded: S$25,409 of intended of S$8000

The Everyday Watch is made with Japanese made Miyota GL15 quartz movement, comes with Milanese Stainless Steel, Genuine Leather and Nylon Soft Nato Strap allowing versatility to go from formal to casual. That's 3 watches for the price of 1!

Number of Backers: 237

Fun-fact: The campaign for the Everyday Watch was fully funded within 16 hours (not even a full day) of it going live on Kickstarter.

Creators say: "We are actually planning to release an everyday backpack in the coming months on Kickstarter, and we have a new line of individual watches set to launch in August on our website. In the near future we would expanding our line of current products and into other categories as well."

Exciting times ahead!

Grouphunt the Everyday watch!

Everyday Watch's Campaign

#9. Xube- 366% Funded: S$43,977 of intended S$12,000

XUBE offers a sleek, beautiful solution for portable toiletries. Fill each tube with your chosen products, roll it up and bring it anywhere - it tessellates! When it's time to shower, unroll it and mount on any smooth wall. It's that simple.

Number of Backers: 710

From the creators: "Xube is currently in the last stage of prototyping as we confirm the final moulds and materials, and carry out the re-testing to confirm that the functionality is still tip-top after the additional changes. Mass-manufacturing should be ready by mid-september. It's a tricky product to design and manufacture, and we are very grateful to our backers for their patience and enthusiastic support! Moving forward from the first round of deliveries, we will be taking a limited number of additional orders for the extra pieces. Beyond that, we have no current plans to manufacture a second batch of XUBEs, unless the demand for it is very high."

Sounds like a limited-edition product!

Grouphunt the XUBE!

XUBE's Campaign

#8. Quiver- 419% Funded: S$60,982 of intended S$15,000

The Quiver is the perfect marriage between the gym duffle, a shoe bag, and a shower bag. Compact enough to pass off as a shoe bag, yet roomy enough to keep your change of clothes, shower essentials, water bottle and devices. Did we mention that the clear matte compartment conducts your touch so you can use your phone in the shower?

Number of Backers: 592

Creators say: "In our next product line, we bring to you a solution that caters specially to the grime and sweat after your activities. No more worrying about stinking up or dirtying your work bag with our newest innovation."

Grouphunt the Quiver!

Quiver's Campaign

#7.Aubergine- 460% Funded: S$23,039 of intended S$5000

An ultra packable inflatable travel pillow that inflates in one breath. It’s shape caters to a variety of sleeping styles including the huggers. The best thing about it that’s overlooked by many travel pillows is it’s machine washability - perfectly hygienic.

Number of backers: 370

From the creators: “We have came a long way from the first sketch of the Aubergine Pillow, and along the way future variations have definitely crossed our minds. However, our top priority now, is shipping our orders so that each backer receives the quality comfort they deserve. We want to make sure that every pillow we make now is perfect before we make any expansions. We owe it to our first backers.”

Future variations - we can hardly wait!

Grouphunt the Aubergine!

Aubergine's Campaign

#6. Limpeh Says- 606% Funded: S$121,370 of intended S$20,000

This is one card game that needs no introduction. Created based on the ideology of being 'morally wrong but politically right', Limpeh Says is Singapore's very own version of Cards Against Humanity.

Number of Backers: 2164

From the creators: "We were planning to create the presidential election pack originally. But the Gahmen (government) changing the rules may make this election a walk over. If there is no hype/interest in the election it will not be meaningful for us to create content. Also, Yong Heng and I (Gabriel) are busy at the moment with our new projects."

Did we hear new projects? Hmmm... 🤔

Grouphunt the Limpeh Says Cardgame!

Limpeh Says' Campaign

#5. Green Pea Cookies- 774% Funded: USD$38,701 (S$52,636) of intended USD$5000

Green Pea Cookies are something that we are familiar with in Singapore, but it may not be so recognisable in other parts of the world. The team took it upon themselves to bring this familiar and homely taste to other parts of the world for more people to experience the simple delight that are green pea cookies! Besides, it's vegan!

From the creators: "Even though we have pivoted (to become Podfoods), it does not change anything about our cookies as we are still keeping the brand to bring happea green pea cookies for our customers!"

Grouphunt the Green Pea Cookies!

Green Pea Cookies Campaign

#4. Deuce Wallet - 1137% Funded: S$34,100 of S$3,000 goal

A discreet slim wallet that carries all your essentials, with added RFID protection, designed specifically with a removable card holder compartment so users can travel light with just their essentials.

Number of Backers: 642

Fun Fact: Also the creator of the Sheer Jacket. Look out for his upcoming Bifold next!

Grouphunt the Deuce wallet!

Deuce Wallet's Campaign

#3. DAX- 1315% Funded: USD$52,660 (S$71,750) of intended USD$4000

The DAX wallet makes accessing and retrieving the right card easy. It cascades your cards with just one pull so you'll always be able to pick the right one.

Fun-fact: The Dax was 100% funded in just 6 hours!

From the creators: "We ran into issues with our partner company who handles the manufacturing and also the shipping because it was our first time running a business of any sort and our inexperience got the better of us (our partner company was also not very experience which made matters worse). The first wave of product which we have already shipped out did not meet the quality standards which we expected. So in that sense we feel that this is not a success, yet. "Yet" because we are taking some of the lessons learnt from the first wave to make a 2.0 version, and this version will be shipped to those who backed us at Kickstarter for free. This version is scheduled to finish production and start shipping by early September. We are crossing fingers that everything will turn out alright for this batch and meet our expectations. Its unfortunate that this project has dragged on for so long, and we are remorseful to have disappointed most of the backers in the first wave. It was a journey that made us founders realise how much more it takes to run a business than meets the eye. We are remorseful for the disappointment caused, and we are also very grateful for the learning experience."

Hunt the Dax Wallet with us!

Dax Wallet's Campaign

#2. Levit8- 1461% Funded: USD$58,462 (S$79,413) of intended USD$4000

The levit8 allows you to transform any regular desk into a standing desk with a simple twist! It is fuss free and keeps flat so it fits into the laptop case and can be taken anywhere easily.

From the creators: "We are currently trying to get LEVIT8 out to more retailers through our distributors worldwide. We want more people to know the benefits of standing to work and also enjoy the act of opening up their LEVIT8 to do so wherever they are. In the mean time we are still improving on this version and iterating, we don't know when the next version will be out but stay tuned!"

Grouphunt the Levit8!

Levit8's Campaign

#1. KIN- 7011% Funded:S$280,468 of intended S$4000

The KIN wallet solves our most fundamental problem of sorting our received change. Throw in your notes and coins, the wallet sorts it, neatly separating the from the notes.

Number of Backers: 4746

Fun fact: The KIN Wallet is Singapore's most backed project in Singapore, and was over 1000% Funded in just 40 Hours - that's less than 2 days!

We did an in-depth interview with the team from KIN Studios recently, so watch this space for it!

Grouphunt the KIN Wallet!

KIN Wallet's Campaign

Honourable Mention

A Matter Of Time- 120% Funded: S$30,171 of intended S$25,000

Personalisation goes beyond changing the straps of this watch. The dial, bezel, base and strap are fully interchangeable so it is personalised to fit all occasions.

However, although it was successfully funded, the campaign was cancelled by the creators just days before it ended.

From the creators: "We had a great initial start - lots of interest towards the modular concept, good crowd at our live funding event. Many consumers loved the idea of transforming their watch and the benefit of getting multiple designs without the hefty cost of purchasing multiple watches. However, there was a large group who loved the idea but were hesitant to commit. We realised that while the modular concept was great, consumers are looking to be more unique with their designs."

Word is, they are planning to relaunch their campaign on Kickstarter. While "plans are not finalised yet as due to time constrains. We are hoping to work around school and work commitments to do up a good relaunch!"

Keep a lookout for it!

These are our very own Singaporean creators, or rather innovators from all walks of life. As we celebrate the nation’s 52nd Birthday, let’s also take the time to support her people! Singaporeans, we are amazing. So the next time someone calls you out for being kiasu or kiasi, puff up your chest and say, “If not how you think Singapore become so tok gong within 52 years? Of course have to be kiasu & kiasi lah, abuden!” #OneNationTogether

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