Superhero, everybody needs one. We do too. So when one of them popped up in our community, we knew this was why community commerce works.

If you're one of those who pledged for the Kevlar Smart Belt, this was why we managed to unlock the lowest price for the hunt.

Here's how the story unfolds:

The Kevlar Smart Belt hunt succeeded, and we were so close to unlocking the lowest price but were 3 orders short! So we sent our usual email asking if those who've commited at a lower price if they would like to top up or get a refund.

Our community hero, Alvin, was one of them. He took action immediately, asking if he could help!

So we took up the offer. For the betterment of mankind, you see...

True to his word, Alvin stepped up to the plate. Also, evidently, there's no escaping the rising costs of living even as a superhero. (Therefore we grouphunt for things, eh?)

He placed the order and the rest is history. Take note everyone. Here's your hero!

Side note form the customer relations front: Here's when we really appreciate your sense of humour in playing along, especially after a long day.

We hope this works as a letter of recommendation, Alvin. If anyone can get Alvin an in, please help with his application.

Finally, in all seriousness, this is why Grouphunt works. It's because of everyday heroes like you. Told you we're not just any old e-commerce platform. Community commerce is the way forward. Convinced yet? 😉

If you'd like to sign up as one of our community heroes, we've got an application form all set up right here.


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