Every day, our amazing community of enthusiasts (yes, you) suggest products to our site to be approved and hunted. So naturally, at Grouphunt HQ, we receive, curate and approve a ton of hunts. Yet, even though we see hundreds of them on a weekly basis, there're just some hunts we aren't immune to - they excite us.

This week we found some that made our kidult hearts start racing, knees go weak, and we got butterflies in our stomachs. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that they'll hit the minimum interest so we can start negotiations and actually get our hands on some (please, please, please).

1. Whiskey River Soap Co.

These soaps (probably) smell amazing and come with totally inappropriately hilarious messages you wish you could tell your frienemy from way back when. 😂 We're not judging. Also available in bath bombs, candles & notebooks.

2. CUCU Bank Card Stickers

Because adulting is hard, motivate yourselves with a helping of good'ol stickers. Guaranteed to keep the kid in you feeling rewarded. Paid the bills? Well done, here's a new bank card sticker!

3. Ducks In A Row Biking Commuter Backpack

Don't be fooled by the name. This biking commuter backpack is the bomb. We haven't come across any other that's so ridiculously functional yet stylish (read: adult-appropriate), and you know we've seen a ton of bags come through Grouphunt.

4. Logitech Craft Wireless Keyboard

If everyone owns one of these keyboards, world productivity rates would go up by maybe 1000%? (It's just our guestimate - could be much more). Works with programs like the Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office, and also life-supporting necessities like Spotify. Tap, tap, tune & BOOM. Work done, time for fun.

5. SparkMaker Desktop 3D Printer

Imagine the possiblities with this really affordable desktop 3D printer! Wheel on your luggage broke? Print a replacement, and go on your holiday like nothing ever happened. Also, that fidget toy you've always wanted to modify? Print your own upgrade! 😉

Thank you Grouphunters for bringing in AWESOME hunts. Keep at it and happy hunting!

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