When I first joined Grouphunt as part of the team, my first task was to put up hunt requests as interest checks on the site. (It is apparently part of the initiation process, the other being refilling the water dispenser with those 5 gallon bottles - prospective teammates, take note!)
While doing so, I had to tag each hunt to it’s enthusiast community and that’s when I chanced upon the term Everyday Carry (EDC). It sounded like anything and everything could be tagged as one so I spent lunch with Google that day.

Here are 5 things I’ve learnt about EDC gear:

It is literally what it’s name suggests

EDC gear are the things we have with us on a daily basis. They are the essential to us even though we may not use it. It is something we keep on ourselves because of its potential usefulness, giving us a piece of mind knowing our bases are covered. It’s the things we pat down our pockets for before we leave and will feel uneasy without. It differs from person to person, and is not limited to small items that only fit in the pocket!

Quality is key

If something goes everywhere with us, it makes economical sense for it to be of good build quality so it’ll last through the wear and tear of regular use (or abuse) without needing to be replaced frequently. Furthermore, since it is an essential piece of gear, it should not fail us when we need it most.

Do more with less

The point is to keep our essentials to a minimum or we run the risk of looking paranoid. However, our needs are pretty varied depending on our day. So, having EDC gear that double up as something else will cut down the number of things we carry with us. It’s probably the reason many people usually carry some sort of multi-tool around with them. At this point I’ll share some words of wisdom from my teammate Renhan, “A multi-tool is like toilet paper, you don’t know when you’ll need it, but when you do…” (Haha!) Plus, paying for one gear that has three other functions makes it more bang for the buck.

It tells our personality

To many in the EDC community our EDC gear are a direct representation of our personalities. Consciously or subconsciously, we pick our essentials as a reflection of ourselves. From the selection of the gear down to the design, our collection - if we will, is unique to us that’s why we sometimes say, “That wallet is so me!” In fact, it’s gotten to a point where there are actual instagram accounts dedicated to sharing the community’s EDC gear.

It gets addictive

Because our EDC gear is so much a part of our lives, we’re continually looking out for newer and better versions of them hence we catch ourselves buying another watch, another bag or yet another pair of sunglasses (to which my dad would ask, how many pair of eyes do you have?). When we meet a fellow EDC enthusiast, it’s impossible not to share about the latest EDC gear available in the market, our hits and misses. That’s also the reason why many crowdfunded projects such as wallets, key holders, bottles and other EDC gear do so well.

All that said, while scourging the world wide web for information on EDC, I've found that it's quite a male dominated community, with guys being more forthcoming in sharing their about EDC gear.

Stripped down to your bare essentials, what do you need with you at all times? Ladies (and gentlemen), show us your EDC gear. Tag us in your EDC gear pictures on social media (@grouphuntsg) or use the hashtag #grouphuntEDC and we just might feature it!

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