The concept of everyday carry is broadly defined as the things we have with us every single day. Conservatives would limit it to things that fit in the pocket. But we're taking a broader view of everyday carry, extending it to things we carry and use daily.

"It must be really fun to work at Grouphunt! You guys get to try all the cool gear."

We're told that quite often, and we won't deny it. 😆 We get to experience that omg-so-useful and thank-goodness-I-hunted-it kind of joy more often than the average person. But we've also our share of if-only-I-have-this-with-me-now moments.

What we carry on us is intertwined with our lifestyle and how we optimise our productivity so much so that it becomes a reflection of us.

So we thought it might be fun to share the most essential items we bring around on a daily basis - our everyday carry, and you can take a guess at our personalities a.k.a. judge us. We kid! 😂

1. Joel's EDC


Joel's Favourites:

"It's really hard to pick favourites because I actually use these items every day. In terms of most mileage, I think due to the nature of my job I'm always in contact with my tech bundle - Macbook, phone, Roost Stand, Mx Master mouse, Airpods, and the Power Packer for all the wires. This gets stuffed into my current carry which is the Dayfarer Backpack, which I am really liking due to it's sharp looks, smart organizational design, and it's shoe pouch is a really convenient feature that caters to my athletic side. There's also the Orbitkey, which I credit with starting me off on my personal journey of carrying better and I continue to derive joy each time I use it."

His carry:

  1. Dayfarer Backpack
  2. Knowledge (Books I'm reading)
  3. Macbook Pro 13" 2017
  4. Roost Laptop Stand
  5. Logitech MX Master Mouse
  6. Muji Kraft File Organizers
  7. Power Packer (carries all my various dongles, wires, chargers, sd cards)
  8. iPhone 6
  9. Airpods
  10. Quotidian Magnetic Brass Pen (Kickstarter, no longer in production)
  11. Lamy Safari Fountain Pen
  12. Orbitkey Leather with Multi-tool
  13. Takeya Glass Bottle

2. Chuwen's EDC


Chuwen's Favourites:

"The StandEazy is a my lifesaver, it helps me prop up my phone while I eat so I can play my handphone games. I think one of its plus point is that it is always within reach because it fits right into my wallet. Anyone playing SIMs Mobile? 🤪And my Anpanman pouch given to me by my Secret Santa during last year's Secret Santa Singapore hosted by Grouphunt. You can see how much I love Anpanman."

Her carry:

  1. Macbook Pro 13" Retina Display
  2. Toms with Zorpads (Toms are so comfy, but they stink so easily! Anyone else has the same issue or is it just me?)
  3. Muji Monthly Planner
  4. Muji gel ink pen
  5. Reuseable Bag (A random one I found at home)
  6. Tupperware Container
  7. Prada (I-don't-know-what) Wallet
  8. Anpanman Pouch (thank you Secret Santa!)
  9. Mark Card Holder
  10. Stand Eazy
  11. Back Bay EQ40 Wireless + Wired Earphone
  12. iPhone 6 Plus
  13. Lipbalm of the moment
  14. Tupperware 750ml bottle
  15. Joey Backpack

3. Jane's EDC


Jane's Favourites:

"The Ungrip has saved my phone so many times since I got it on a hunt at the begining of the year. I truly believe it's an essential EDC for butterfingers. I also go everywhere with my earphones - currently the Back Bay EQ40. But if you ask me, the GoStak has got to be my favourite. I'm very peckish and need to be eating quite frequently so it helps me with portion control (or so I believe because I snack my way through Grouphunt's pantry too). I also carry my spork around because #priorities 😂 My EDC has are all certified hardy because they're able to take quite a beating. Case in point: I carry my specs around without a case."

Her carry:

  1. Fjällräven High Coast 24L Backpack
  2. Leuchtturm 1917 Dotted Notebook
  3. Lamy Safari Petrol Roller Ball
  4. GoStack Starter Pack
  5. Macbook Pro 13" Retina Display
  6. Back Bay EQ40 Wireless + Wired Earphone
  7. Light My Fire Spork & Cornell Lunchbox
  8. Samsung S8 & Ungrip (life-saver!!!)
  9. My jingling keys (Time to get my dad a Bellroy Key Cover so I can use his Orbitkey)
  10. Fossil Wallet
  11. My Specs
  12. Geonaut Dynamo 50 Mini Torch
  13. Casio "Army" Watch
  14. Pouch for tissue & stuff
  15. Camelbak Eddy 1L Bottle

4. Anand's EDC


Anand's Favourites:

"I always carry around some form or compact carrier bag (Notabag, CrapChute, am waiting for the Nanobag) for those trips to the supermarket or for any shopping during the day. There's also always some snacks (nuts, fruit etc) as I get peckish.

My favorite has to be my Clique 2 wallet! Of all the minimalist wallets (TGT, Nomatic, Elephant, Webbing) I've had, the Clique 2 easily holds your cards and you can insert and remove them easily using one or both hands. It has that satisfying "click" sound and feeling, letting you know that your cards are securely stored."

His carry:

  1. Quiver by BOW (Limited Edition Olive)
  2. CrapChute Reusable Tote
  3. MOO:D Wayfarer Sunglasses by Zerpico
  4. Sunglasses carrying case
  5. Innisfree Olive Real Moisture Hand Cream
  6. Standeazy
  7. Bullet 02 Mini Flashlight
  8. ZeroHour Edge Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife
  9. Magmus (small, light super strong magnet)
  10. Orbitkey Leather with Multi-tool
  11. Magic Coin Pouch
  12. iBanking Token
  13. Xiaomi 20,000mAh Powerbank
  14. Sento Face Towel
  15. Mini Notebook (to take notes and jot down reminders)
  16. Clique 2 Minimal Wallet - made from Aerospace Grade Aluminium (stores travel, transit and ATM cards, also hold my Standeazy)
  17. Mighty Wallet
  18. Thinoptics - reading glasses
  19. HeroClip
  20. Miniso Flask
  21. GoStak Starter Pack
  22. Snacks
  23. Stationery
  24. Pencil Case

Now that you've seen our everyday carry, share yours with us! What's most essential in your carry? Tag us in your photos on Facebook and Instagram (@grouphuntsg). We'd love to feature them!

Did you realise how what you bring is a reflection of your personality? Pause in this moment and think about it. What does it say about you? 😆